Digital Marketing for Florida Keys Boat Rental Businesses

The Florida Keys are a popular tourist destination for fishermen, boaters, and tourists of all kinds. Business owners who have a stake in the boat rental business need to be keen on the correct ways that digital marketing can improve the flow of customers into their company. With competition as stringent as ever in the tourist industry, you will need to find ways to differentiate yourself from your competition. With such a large selection of boat and yacht rental companies in the Florida Keys, customers often have a hard time selecting which service to use. The introduction and ensuing popularity of modern technology translate to customers beginning their searches for services on the internet. Digital marketing for boat rental businesses ensures that your prospective customers see your business before your competitors.

Make Your Boat Rental Business More Visible To Customers Utilizing Search Engines

As stated above, digital marketing tactics make your business more visible to potential customers. One of these tactics is search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. Search engine optimization is the practice of increasing the placement of your websites on search engines such as Google and Bing. You can rank higher by optimizing content to cater to your target audience by using keywords and phrases. Google recognizes that your website includes what customers are searching for and will place it higher, so they are more likely to click on it. We train our SEO experts at Marine SEO to find the right keywords and phrases that your customers are looking for, increasing your website’s chances of getting more visitors.

Using Social Media To Reach More Customers

Social media is a valuable tool for reaching customers if you are a Florida Keys-based boat rental business. For one, social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, allow you to showcase the unique experience that you offer. The extremely visual-centric Instagram enables you to display your different sailboats or yachts that are available to customers. The stories feature allows boat rental businesses to upload free and engaging pictures that entice followers to give them your business. You could even include links to your website directly on the story, making it as easy as ever for you to attract customers to your website. 

Even though it may seem that Facebook has lost ground to Instagram, it is still a way for businesses to engage customers. The Groups feature allows you to create a fan club of your followers, making it easier than ever to update them on new deals and offerings. Additionally, since Facebook owns Instagram, your Florida Keys boat rental business can use its advanced targeted advertising feature on both platforms.

While this may seem simple on the surface, digital marketing for boat rental businesses is a complex field. Marine SEO experts can help you navigate these choppy waters. Our digital marketing agency would love to help you cruise past the competition through a detailed marketing strategy. Our social media, SEO, and PPC experts offer award-winning digital marketing strategies to assist any marine business.

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