Google My Business Marketing For Seafood Restaurants

Restaurants are moving their listing from magazines, newspapers, and phone books to the internet. Search engines like Google make it easier for potential customers to discover your restaurant, especially when your seafood restaurant takes advantage of a Google My Business Listing. According to SEO roundtable, 46 percent of Google searches have local intent. In other words, almost half of all Google searches are from people looking for local products and services. A Google My Business Listing for restaurants allows you to increase your visibility to locals and upload menus and popular dishes while making you stand out from the pack. If you verify and edit your business information, you can both help customers find your business and tell them your story.

Improve Your Visibility

Having a local listing increases your visibility. Google My Business allows your seafood restaurant to take advantage of locals who are looking for your restaurant’s offerings. When potential customers make a Google search, your restaurant will appear on a map at the top of the page. Local customers place great emphasis on proximity when searching for local seafood restaurants. Being placed on a map allows users to instantly see how close your restaurant is to their location, increasing the likelihood that they pay a visit. Additionally, customers will have access to information like your hours, website, and street address.

Google My Business also allows restaurants to respond to reviews from their customers and post photos that showcase their specialties. Reviews from other customers influence potential customer’s decisions. Positive reviews increase the likelihood that your seafood restaurant receives more business. As long as you are providing high-quality products and services, you will have a higher “star” rating, enticing future customers to visit your restaurant. These ratings come with the added benefit of differentiation in the face of your competition. 

Post Menus and Popular Dishes

Much like a star rating, uploading your menus and popular dishes differentiates your business from the competition. More customers seeing what your menu offers increases the chances of them visiting your restaurant. Customers adding their favorite dishes to a Google listing increase your restaurant’s credibility and customer engagement. Another thing that increases your customer engagement and credibility is the ability to access your website or give you a call directly from the Google My Business Listing. 


How To Add Menus To Your Google My Business Listing

  1. On your computer, sign in to Google My Business.
  2. Choose the location you’d like to manage.
  3. In the menu on the left, click Info. Menu.
  4. Add or edit your menu items.
  5. Click Add.

Google My Business Attributes

Another aspect of Google My Business is the ability to add “attributes” to your restaurant listing. Google My Business attributes indicate things like Payment Options, Handicap Accessibility, and Wi-Fi capabilities. Adding relevant attributes to your Google My Business profile helps you stand out to your customers who find your seafood restaurant on Google. 


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