Introduction to Neuromarketing

Introduction to Neuromarketing

A customer’s mind is constantly changing, impacting his or her decisions on a subconscious level. To truly reach an individual, a company must anticipate the power of the human brain in online marketing. Oftentimes, neuromarketing is overlooked in marine industry marketing, which deprives both the company and the customer from benefiting each other.

Neuromarketing is not the stuff of strict psychology or science fiction, though. It is an ever-changing, incredibly impactful marketing tool that the professionals at Marine SEO can help you with. Read More

Yacht Brokers – How to Update & Add Your Business to Google

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Local SEO is so important, and it starts when you add your business to Google. Like any sales-heavy job, a yacht broker relies on being seen, being heard, and being noticed. The easiest way to be noticed is to ensure your yacht brokerage is on Google My Business, that your location shows up on Google Maps.

First, start by adding your business to Google, then you have to optimize your business to get better, qualified leads. Read More

Boat Dealers – 5 Online Marketing Tips to Increase Leads

Yacht brokers, boat dealers, and lifestyle marketers – lend us your eyes and ears! Marine SEO is offering unique marketing tips for boat dealers to maximize sales, get more leads, and sell more boats to change how they connect with customers online.

Why trust us? Because Marine SEO is a digital marketing agency for the marine industry. It’s just what we do!

The sales world has changed, and your online presence is so important. Though the fundamentals of a good sales mindset have not changed in decades, the way we connect has. More people shop online, research online, and visit websites more than they ever have before.

Before we dive into our marketing tips for boat dealers, it’s important to remember that all marketing campaigns share these three common traits. Read More