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10 Steps to Empathy Marketing & Understanding Your Customers

Empathy for your audience is an integral part of good content for marine industry marketing. Empathy is a powerful tool marine industry marketers can use to connect with customers on a deeper level.

Empathy marketing is much more than creating content in a friendly familiar tone. In fact, for some brands, an informal tone may not work. However, even for businesses in more formal industries, empathy in advertising is important. Here are 10 steps to creating empathetic content that will make a lasting impact on your customers.

What Is Empathy Marketing?

Empathy marketing uses an empathetic approach to understand the needs of customers rather than solely depending on numerical metrics and a rational, logical approach. The focus is on emotion and how humans use it in their decision making. Marketers aim to understand customer motivation and create an emotional connection to trigger conversions.

While keyword research, website analytics, sales team feedback, and other research techniques are effective, social media listening and in-depth customer conversations are the major tools of empathy marketing. With social media so widely used, it’s easier than ever for marketers to utilize these techniques to learn about the problems, challenges, and needs of customers or potential customers.

10 Steps to Understanding Your Customer

  1. Identify a potential problem or challenge affecting your customer to guide your interview questions.
  2. Avoid groupthink by talking to one customer at a time and taking notes of useful answers.
  3. Choose either behavior, which is how customers work, or feedback, which is their reaction to a product or service, as your goal.
  4. Be open to negative feedback and constructive criticism, avoid confirmation bias.
  5. Encourage customers to be honest by promising full confidentiality.
  6. Ask open-ended questions for more in-depth answers and information.
  7. Try to stay neutral when asking questions, listen without interrupting or trying to influence customers.
  8. Don’t be afraid to dig deeper, you don’t have to stick to a predetermined script of interview questions.
  9. Ask interview subjects for additional people they know you can talk to get more data.
  10. Gather a good sample size, enough to be representative of your customers, and take detailed notes.

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