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5 Ways to NOT Write SEO Content

When writing content for your site for your marine business, your top priority is to make it an interesting read to make users want to stay there longer. It can make all the difference between whether the user wants to go forth with your products or services or just leave the site and move onto a competitor’s site. Don’t worry, there are useful tactics on how to write SEO content to keep users engaged in your content. Below, our marine SEO specialists talk about what not to do.

Lengthy Paragraphs

Writing long paragraphs can make the reader lose interest quickly. Lengthy paragraphs tend to look complicated to the human brain, whether it’s on a Mac or PC. Keep your paragraphs short and spaced out, creating an “airy” look to your content. One-sentence paragraphs can also be used, especially if you’re trying to make a point to the reader. If you tend to write lengthy paragraphs within your content, the SEO specialists at our digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale can condense each and every paragraph for all your content.

Forgo Keywords

One of the ways to not write SEO content for your yacht business is to forgo keyword research. Keywords are a crucial part of content creation and neglecting to do research can cost you users. Keyword research helps you stay up to date with monthly volumes and rankings for great results. Our marine industry marketers at Marine SEO perform monthly keyword research to make sure our clients stay afloat in keyword rankings.

Omitting Images

One of the most SEO content writing tips that will never go out of style is the regular use of images. When creating content for your marine business, you must remember that a good portion of your readers will be visual learners. Provide images to compliment your writing content, like infographics, to help them get a better grasp about what your content is about. Also, make sure that all your images are optimized for your website. If you’re looking for some search engine optimization in Fort Lauderdale to help optimize your images, our professionals at Marine SEO will have your images optimized in no time.

Lacking Personality

Sounding authentic within your content is one of the most important parts of our SEO content writing tips within the industry. Having a robotic undertone in your writing can put the reader to sleep, causing them to leave your site. Be more engaging in your content and add a voice to it, so it seems as if the reader is conversating with the writer.

Blogging Sporadically

Not blogging regularly can lead to the loss of readership on your website. This SEO content writing tip relates to the trusted authority you should aim to be for both readers and search engines. For boat services, post a minimum of five blogs per month. For boat products, post a minimum of ten blogs per month.

Keeping up with SEO content writing tips can add more to your workload. So, contact the professionals at our digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale to take on the heavy lifting for you!


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