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AB Marketing and Split Testing

You are not marketing if you do not conduct any A/B testing. A/B testing or split testing is essentially a variation of the scientific method, where you build campaigns that differ in only one variable. This allows you to understand your digital marketing campaigns for boat vendors and what works best for them. For example, you could be testing what color works best for your banner ads. In this case, you would launch two banner ad campaigns, one that has green and one that has blue featured prominently. After launching these campaigns and studying their analytics, you could then decide which banner advertising works best for your campaigns. 


Another name for A/B testing is conversion rate optimization. Our Fort Lauderdale PPC agency believes that conversion rate optimization is vital information for your business because optimizing your conversion rate is directly correlated to an increase in revenue. A great way to know your ad is doing well is by testing it out against other advertisements. 

Split Testing for The Boating Industry

For the boating industry, digital marketing is useless without split testing. Split testing allows your boating business to discover what is working in your digital marketing campaigns. For example, let’s suppose you want to know if your customers respond more to short and catchy copy or advertising copy that emphasizes the details of the boat you are advertising. To use split testing to find out which advertisement works best for your target customers, you will need to design two advertisements that are the same in every aspect except for the advertising copy.

Tweaking Digital Marketing Campaigns for Boat Vendors

The data you collect from these campaigns is useful both for tweaking digital marketing for boat vendors and also for discovering more about your customers. If you find your customers are not responding positively to any of the variations of advertisement, then you might need to consider another variation of advertising copy. 


Split testing could reveal a deeper divide between your presumed target audience and your boat dealership’s digital marketing tactics. After running multiple split testing campaigns, you could discover that the reason potential customers are not responding positively to your advertising campaigns is that you are targeting the wrong segment. If you find that images showcasing luxury and opulence are not getting the reception you thought they would, it could mean it is time to change the specifics of a campaign to target a base more receptive to these images. The opportunity to tweak campaigns according to the data you uncover is endless and something your boat dealership should take advantage of. 


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