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The Importance of Online Advertising in the Right Places

Where you place your online display ads is important and your display ads popping up in the wrong places can be bad for business. Not only are both statements true, but it is also what our experienced marine industry marketers will be discussing in today’s article.

While online advertising has opened up the possibilities for many businesses to reach wider audiences for comparatively lower costs than traditional marketing options, there are still some things that stay the same. One of which is: where you place your ads can be just as important as the ads themselves.

Traditional & Online Advertising Methods Share One Thing in Common

Just like you wouldn’t pay for ad placement in a low-quality or offensive magazine or publication, you shouldn’t let your display ads and banner ads appear on unsavory websites. It may be a little more difficult to know exactly where your ads pop up due to the automated nature of online advertising.

Controlling Where Online Ads Show Up Is a Bit More Difficult

You’ll typically be placing your ads through online advertising programs like Google AdWords. These programs will automatically populate your ads onto whatever sites are part of their advertising network and utilizing Google AdSense. Still, making sure your display ads don’t appear in the wrong places is possible.

Places to Advertise Your Business Online and Places to Avoid

When looking for places to advertise your business online, you want to avoid websites and online news sources that go against your company’s values as well as the values and sensibilities of your clients. Spammy sites, sites with offensive and hateful material, and sites that often serve as terrorist recruitment hubs should be avoided. If you would not associate your company and print ads with these types of publications, don’t associate your online ads with them either.

The Case Study of Breitbart News

After consumer watchdogs found a number of big brand name companies were advertising on Breitbart News, a site known for espousing alt-right views and hate speech, controversy ensued on social media. More than 2,200 companies (more than 90% of the site’s advertisers) like Audi, Allstate, Ethan Allen, and more asked their third-party vendors to pull out their ads and blacklist the site.1 Avoid this type of situation all together by preemptively blacklisting sites you don’t want your ads appearing on.

There Are Ways to Protect Your Ads and Your Brand

Work with your digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale or other third-party venders to do everything possible to avoid unwanted ad placements. If your business is utilizing Google AdWords, there are ways to exclude certain sites from displaying your ads.2 Sometimes, ads can still slip through blacklisting3, but be diligent with monitoring and soon your ads will only appear where you want them to appear.


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