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Beginners Guide on How to Live on a Boat

Owning a boat does not mean you have a weekend leisure activity and that’s that. With the right vessel and planning you could make your weekend adventures your full-time everyday life! Our marine marketing agency’s experts know how attractive this living situation can be and have decided to make the process easier for anyone interested by creating this handy guide on how to live on a boat. But before you start wondering what you will need for your new home life, let’s try to understand why you should consider living on a boat full time in the first place.

Should You Consider Living on a Boat?

Before going out and buying a boat to live on, make sure you understand exactly what your life is going to be like once you live on the boat permanently. There are many amazing aspects to moving onto a boat such as being more active, having a lower cost of living, and being in touch with nature. However, it would be wise not to ignore some of the less appealing parts of living on your boat. 

You will be living in tight quarters, depending on the size of your vessel it could be smaller than most studio apartments. Combine that with the possibility of bad weather and required maintenance and you can start to see why it is important to consider if boat life is for you far before you start considering how to live on a boat.

What Do You Need to Live on a Boat?

If you are still decided that living on a boat is what appeals to you, then let’s get into what you’re going to need for life on the water. 

  • The Right Vessel: Whether you’re buying a boat to live on or already own one, make sure you’re comfortable with the size of the ship. Understand that this space is no longer a leisure activity but a primary residence, so treat spacing, quality, electricity, plumbing, etc. al. just as you would a traditional home.
  • The Right Tools for The Job: Solar Panels, GPS, Life Vests, and much more will become a part of your home’s appliances. Even though life at sea is less expensive overall, do not think that means your new home is going to need absolutely nothing. These are safety features above anything else, and safety should never be overlooked when learning how to live on a boat.
  • A Marina: If the boat is your new home, then consider this your new neighborhood. You’ll be housing your boat here, so make sure that you like the neighbors, the rent prices are in your budget, and be sure the marina allows liveaboard boating. 

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