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A Guide to Different CMS

What Is the Best Content Management System for SEO? 

As an experienced Fort Lauderdale SEO agency, Marine SEO understands that the cornerstone of any successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign is its content. When it comes to SEO and digital marketing, there are many platforms that businesses could use to upload their content and manage their website. The platforms that businesses use to manage their content are called content management systems, or CMS for short. There are many popular CMSs that businesses use to leverage search engine marketing, but the most common ones are Shopify and WordPress. Below, we take a closer look at what the best content management systems for SEO are. 

Shopify vs. WordPress

Shopify and WordPress have many differences between them. Perhaps the most relevant and important to search engine optimizers and business owners is the fact that Shopify is designed for businesses that sell goods on the internet or that participate in e-commerce. This Content Management System makes certain aspects of running an online business easier than ever before.

As good as Shopify is for running online stores, it is not as versatile as WordPress is. WordPress comes with many different builders, which make it easier to design a website however a store wants it to. WordPress is best for businesses that do not operate an online store that consumers can purchase goods directly from but rather have a website as the public face of their business. In the context of a maritime business, Shopify would be better for an online fishing reel business, while WordPress would be better for a business that offers boat charters for its customers. 

Shopify Pros and Cons 

As mentioned above, Shopify is an excellent content management system for online businesses. Some of the advantages that are related to this include: 

  • Built-in payments for customers
  • Built-in shipping label feature
  • Extensive inventory management tools 
  • Built-in YouTube and Facebook Marketplace integration

Some of the disadvantages of Shopify are related to some limitations for blogs and URL structures. 

WordPress Pros and Cons 

Many search engine marketing professionals are much more inclined toward using WordPress because of the versatility that it offers them. A talented web designer or search engine optimizer could make beautiful websites and layouts with the multitude of features that the CMS offers. WordPress is one of the best content management for SEO because it allows search engine optimizers to install plugins that are much more effective for search engine optimization than the ones offered on Shopify. WordPress also allows much more customization for URLs and redirects that are usually conducive to best digital marketing practices. 

The principal disadvantage of WordPress is that it is not as geared as Shopify for online sales. 

More About our Marine Digital Marketing Agency 

No matter what you think the best content management system for SEO is, Marine SEO is a top Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency and social media marketing agency because of our wide collection of services. Aside from search engine optimization, we offer boating marketing, PPC marketing, local SEO, web development, and creative branding services, among many others. Contact us today to learn more. 


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