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Boat Show Marketing Ideas: Why You Should Create a Boat Show Landing Page

Boat shows can often be a time-consuming and expensive form of marketing for businesses in the marine industry. Travel costs plus booth rentals and promotional materials, all those expenses add up. Even though boat shows are expensive, they can be great opportunities to make sales and generate leads. With so many boat shows filling up the yachting industry calendar every year, businesses have to make sure exhibiting at a show is worth it. The way to accomplish that is by creating a boat show landing page on your website.

Get the Word Out That Your Business Will be Attending

Designing and publishing a boat show landing page, separate from the rest of your site, is a great way to announce that your business will be attending a certain boat show. Instead of just a short blurb on your company’s monthly newsletter or a social media post that quickly gets lost in a constantly updating feed, a landing page is a more long-lasting and memorable option. A piece of valuable content that, if SEO friendly, can also help drive traffic to the rest of your website.

Start Your Sales Lead Generation Plan Early

Exhibiting at a boat show is usually about two things – making sales and generating leads that may lead to sales in the near future. With a responsive landing page, you can start your lead generation well in advance of the boat show. Add a contact form onto the boat show landing page so people interested in attending your booth or purchasing a product you will be displaying can keep up-to-date on all the information concerning your company’s presence at the show. This gives your landing page the added benefit of capturing leads.

Showcase Your Services or Yachts for Sale

In addition to announcing your company’s boat show schedule and a lead generating contact form, you’ll also want your landing page to include pictures and information on the boats and yachts you’ll have for sale. If your company is selling another maritime product or service, make sure to add that to your landing page. Having a landing page showcasing what exactly you will be exhibiting at the show will drum up excitement and attract interested buyers. If you’re lucky, some potential customers might start the buying process after they see the landing page and will finalize their purchase at the show itself.

Offer Deals and Promotional Codes to Potential Visitors

Another way you can make use of your boat show landing page is by offering exclusive deals or promotional codes to online visitors. Be sure to program the page in a way that requires visitors to provide their contact information so they can get access to any deals or sales. The ultimate goal of offering these show-exclusive deals will be to lure more potential clients to your booth.


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