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Designing Your SEO Strategy Around a Boat Show

As marine industry marketing professionals, we know there is perhaps no better marketing opportunity than the one presented by an upcoming boat show. Boat shows are the major events for the marine industry. They are where yachting business leaders and companies gather for a few days to show off the boats, services, and products they offer.

Since Marine SEO is a digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale, the yachting capital of the world, we have gone to our fair share of boat shows. The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS), Palm Beach International Boat Show (PBIBS), and Miami Yacht Show all happen near where we are based in sunny South Florida.

When at a boat show, achieving a few sales and transactions is the goal for the brokerages, yacht builders, and other yachting businesses that attend. Utilizing the right SEO strategy can help drive those sales. If your company will be showcasing at a boat show, learn how to create SEO strategy around a boat show by following these tips.

Start Publishing Content Months in Advance

Since Google and other search engines like Bing take a few weeks to crawl and index updates to your website, it takes a while before your newly published web page or blog posts starts to show up in the search results (not to mention the first three pages). That’s why it’s best to write and publish the content onto your site months in advance of the specific boat show you reference in the piece.

Since the industry’s boat show schedule is pretty evenly spaced out, try not to publish content of an upcoming boat show you will be attending until after the previous boat show you will be attending is over.

Should you publish a month or less before the show, expedite the indexing process by using Google Search Console to input the URL into the URL Inspection Tool and select Request Indexing.

Write Blog Posts About the Boat Show

A steady stream of blog posts about the boat show will not only generate hype for the event (and your company’s involvement in it), but also drive traffic to your site should the content be optimized. As a major boat show approaches, potential attendees will want information about it. Popular topics are what boats will be on display, what new vessel or technology will debut, fun things you can do at the event, and dining options around the venue.

Write content with an audience in mind, think about what show attendees want to know. Visitors will want more general information, while yachting professionals or potential clients may be seeking more specific pieces of information. Write about networking opportunities, describe the technical aspects of your products, and highlight exclusive deals and offers to those who visit your booth. With every post your write, always bring the focus to what your business will be showcasing at the show.

Create A Unique Landing Page

If your company will be selling services or products at the show – consider creating a unique landing page specifically for the boat show. This landing page should be SEO friendly and showcase the products or boats you will be displaying.

Just like the other SEO content you create around a boat show, publish it well in advance of opening day. Share the link to this landing page to those on your email list and on your company’s social media accounts.


At Marine SEO, we specialize in SEO for the marine industry and social media marketing for yachting businesses in South Florida and around the globe. Find out how we can help freshen up your online presence and reel in more customers by calling 954-281-9995 today!


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