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Digital Marketing for Bikini Businesses

The internet has radically modified the way swimwear businesses reach and engage potential customers. Swimwear buyers–especially bikini buyers–are more reliant than ever on the internet and social media to research and ultimately purchase the next addition to their swimsuit collection. Digital marketing strategies for swimwear businesses include Instagram marketing, influencer marketing, YouTube advertisements, pay-per-click strategies, and using an e-commerce website.  

Instagram Marketing for Bikini Businesses 

Instagram marketing is extremely lucrative for any retail business- especially one whose product is heavily associated with models and visuals. With one billion monthly active users, the picture and video sharing platform is second to Facebook as the biggest social media network in the world. With this enormous user base and 64% of 18 to 29-year-olds active on Instagram, the app presents an intriguing opportunity for customers to discover and purchase products from your business.  

The use of stories and posts present a way for bikini businesses to engage with customers and drive traffic to their website. Also, Instagram recently unveiled Instagram Shopping, a customizable storefront allowing people to shop directly on business profile pages. 


Instagram Stories for Bikini Businesses 

Instagram stories are a powerful tool given used in digital marketing for bikini businesses that facilitate engaging and interacting with potential customers. A useful way a bikini or swimwear company can utilize an Instagram story is as a miniature, interactive billboard. This tool gives your bikini company a way to show your followers and customers new offerings, deals, or models. The ability of a bikini company to present a free billboard to their large number of followers cannot be understated. The stories feature allows businesses to add a link to a website on the post, allowing customers to navigate to a website or conversion point immediately. 

Instagram Posts for Bikini Businesses 

Instagram posts are the principal channel that positions your brand to potential and current customers. Instagram posts are valuable because they include a space to write engaging captions, post visuals, and include relevant hashtags. The picture and caption on the post should be engaging to entice viewers to visit your website, allowing for more traffic onto a landing page. This traffic will translate to more purchases and an increase in revenue for your business. Hashtags are a rather extensive topic, but in short, they should be a combination of words that help potential customers find your posts. 

Instagram Shopping for Bikini Businesses 

Instagram shopping “is a set of features across Instagram that let people shop your photos and videos wherever they are in the app.” Instagram shopping presents an advantage to bikini and swimwear businesses because it allows their customers to purchase products they find enticing instantly. Swimwear retailers can view this as a built-in landing page. Similar to a landing page, your content should be engaging enough to lure customers onto the shopping section so they can complete a conversion.  

Influencer Marketing for Bikini Businesses 

Influencers help bikini/swimwear businesses by making their product relatable to customers. Thanks to the connectivity the internet and social media give users, people feel a great affinity towards their favorite influencers. According to Patricia Maeda, a womenswear editor at trend consultancy, the “influencer lifestyle” is highly adulated. “That’s the ultimate aspirational lifestyle, and brands know that they can capitalize on it while reaching thousands — sometimes millions — of followers.” An influencer wearing your newest bikini makes your customer envision her wearing it as part of her idyllic future, making it a necessary purchase.  

YouTube Advertising for Bikini Businesses 

YouTube is by far the most popular video-sharing platform on the planet. The statistics speak for themselves: according to YouTube’s official website, over 2 billion logged-in users visit YouTube each month. Every day, people watch over a billion hours of video and generate billions of views. The massive number of viewers means that this platform is an excellent way for your bikini business to reach a multitude of people.  

Aside from the advantage that comes with a large user base exposed to your advertisement, Google’s ownership of YouTube ensures that your advertisements are reaching the right people. If your business operates overseas, then you are in luck YouTube can reach customers in eighty different languages. Videos are a great way to engage an audience through a combination of images, music, and movement.  

Pay-Per-Click Marketing for Bikini Businesses 

Pay-Per-Click campaigns are campaigns that ensure your business appears when your target customers search for bikinis on Google. In PPC advertising, businesses bid for ad placement on Google or Bing’s sponsored links directly under the search bar. When a customer searches for bikinis on Google, the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) will show a combination of results. There will be a group of advertisements at the top, followed by the organic search rankings below that, ending with more advertisements at the bottom. Pay-per-click marketing ensures that your business is placed in the ad group near the top. 

Creating an E-Commerce Website for Bikini Businesses 

Bikini companies in the 21st century need to have an e-commerce website. These websites allow your bikini business to increase customer outreach, overcome geographical restrictions, and gain new customers thanks to Search Engine Visibility.  

An online store allows your business’s inventory to be placed in the palms of customers around the clock. Whenever someone needs something you sell, they can quickly and conveniently search for what they need on your website. Your online store can work following your other digital marketing for bikini retailer strategies by being a destination for directing traffic.  

Since your business has an online presence, anyone who likes your bikinis can instantly search for it on your online store. With an e-commerce website, the whole world is available to you. 

Thanks to search engine optimization, your bikini business can enjoy higher organic ranking by using the keywords and phrases that your customers are inputting into search engines. Customers usually follow a link in search engine results and land on an e-commerce website that they would have never thought of before using search engines.  


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