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Digital Marketing for Shipping Businesses

All container shipping businesses need to take advantage of digital marketing. Gone are the days where the shipping business’s marketing consisted of brochures, email newsletters, trade shows, and simple websites. In an internationally relevant industry, the inclusion of a marketing strategy that reaches potential customers around the world is priceless. 

Some of the digital marketing strategies for shipping businesses that are of the most impactful are social media marketing and search engine optimization

Social Media Marketing For Shipping Businesses 

Perhaps the most common and influential digital marketing medium is social media. Even though it may seem that social media marketing and the shipping business have nothing in common, the immense number of users on social media indicates that there is a strong possibility of reaching new customers. Instagram totals one billion active users a month while Facebook has around 1.7 billion monthly users. It may seem that your specific clients are not on social media, but with almost 3 billion monthly active users on the website, it is not far-fetched to believe that the individuals who make the decisions for businesses that need shipping are regular users.

Social media has fundamentally changed the way that customers and businesses interact, and your shipping business should take advantage of this. 

Search Engine Optimization For Shipping Industries

Search engine optimization refers to the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by manipulating keywords and phrases that potential customers are using. Thanks to consumer’s shift to the internet, most product searches begin with a Google search. The correct implementation of SEO can make your business appear more credible because SEO-optimized web pages appear as “organic” search results. An organic search result is one that places highly because of its content and not because it is a paid advertisement. 

Search engines can be viewed as places where people go to find answers or solutions. If your shipping business’s website is one of the first ones that a customer who needs your services sees, you have a much higher possibility of gaining a new customer. 

Digital Marketing for the Maritime Industry

Regardless of the marine service your company provides, every company in the marine industry can benefit from SEO marketing. To learn more about using keywords in SEO or the benefits of SEO for a marine company, contact Marine SEO. Marine SEO is a full-service marketing agency that is vertical-specific to the marine industry. Our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency would love to help you cruise past the competitor through a detailed marketing strategy.

Our team of SEO specialists provides result-driven optimizations to ensure your marine business stands out from the competition. Looking to grow your business through pay-per-click? Our expert PPC consultants can help your business capture the attention of novel audiences and achieve better brand exposure.  At Marine SEO we also help business owners in the marine industry grow a strong social media presence online to increase exposure and reap the rewards of our social networking services. 

Ready to get started reeling in customers with our South Florida digital marketing services? Contact us today and a member of our crew will answer all your digital marketing questions so we can set sail on getting your business ahead of the competition. 

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