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How Are Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Connected

E-Commerce and Digital Marketing in the Marine Industry 

The marine industry is one that is not immune to the need to utilize e-commerce to embrace a truly successful digital marketing strategy. There is no e-commerce strategy that is complete without the use of digital marketing. Though e-commerce and digital marketing are interconnected, there are many important differences that someone that is interested in using marine digital marketing should understand. Understanding the relationship between these two is especially important if you consider that many businesses in the marine sector sell items online. Below, Marine SEO will explore the most pertinent similarities and differences between e-commerce and digital marketing. Continue reading to learn more from our marketing agency. 

What is E-Commerce Digital Marketing? 

E-commerce digital marketing is a term used to describe online promotional tactics to drive traffic to your online store. In E-commerce digital marketing, businesses convert traffic to paying customers that generate revenue for the business. E-commerce is mostly focused on converting the traffic that goes into a website into revenue. So, for the marine industry, e-commerce would be necessary for businesses that sell physical products like fishing gear, boating gear, and more. Much of the differences between e-commerce and digital marketing stem from the fact that e-commerce is reliant on a website’s layout, the user experience, and much more. Plenty of research goes into what combination of things works best for a certain demographic, and the marine industry is no stranger to this. 

For example, a study might be done that finds people who buy fishing hooks are more prone to buy the first one that comes across their screen. If this were the case, a business that is e-commerce savvy would put their most coveted item among the first to be seen.

E-Commerce vs. E-Marketing 

When it comes to understanding e-commerce and digital marketing, it is also important to understand what digital marketing or e-marketing is. Digital marketing is the act of manipulating popular ways that potential customers search for information so that a business’s offering appears in front of them during their online activities. This includes popular ways of using digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization and PPC marketing. These involve leveraging keywords into a website so that a search engine recognizes that the website is relevant to a certain industry and puts it in front of the searcher. 

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