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How Cruises Are Looking To Decrease Their Environmental Impact

Cruise liners are typically thought of as one of the biggest culprits when it comes to industries that negatively impact the environment. Modern customers are increasingly becoming wary of buying products or using services that originate from businesses that are not keen on positively impacting the environment. Cruise lines have become aware of this and are taking steps towards becoming environmentally sustainable. 

Using Advanced Water-Waste Treatment Technology

Cruises are increasingly implementing new water treatment methods that are easier on the environment. In previous years, cruise liners used to have little regard for where they dumped their sewage. Sewage dumped in the ocean has a massive negative impact on marine life. Some cruise liners have begun treating their sewage before dumping it in the ocean. Treated sewage is much less likely to damage the environment in the same way that untreated sewage does. 

Reducing Unnecessary Waste

Cruise ships are essentially massive, floating hotels. When there is such a large concentration of people consuming food and beverages, there is bound to be a significant build-up of waste. A medium-sized cruise ship can produce up to 7 tons of waste per day. With all of this build-up of waste, cruiseliners have increasingly looked for ways to reduce their accumulation of harmful garbage. Cruise lines have committed to reducing their production of waste by using more recycled materials and eliminating single-use plastics on board. Some have also begun peeling back the use of single-use plastics on board as plastic straws, stirrers, and extra packaging are being replaced with paper or eliminated. 

Using Greener Energy

Cruise ships require a lot of energy to run on all cylinders. The sheer number of rooms, kitchens, casinos, and restaurants that need to be powered on a cruise ship makes for an enormous gas guzzler. Some cruise liners have started implementing the use of alternative power like solar and wind energy to power a percentage of the cruise ship’s needs. This greatly reduces carbon emissions and is a huge step towards a completely green cruise ship. 

Cleaner Emission

There are millions of people who use cruises to travel annually. The immense number of people traveling on cruises means that an alarming amount of carbon emissions is thrown into the atmosphere. Cruise ships are becoming more open to using hybrid engines that produce cleaner emissions. On top of installing cleaner engines, have began to install exhaust cleaning systems that clean sulfur compounds from entering the atmosphere. 


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