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How to Come Back Swinging from an SEO Penalty

To remain above water extremely important, especially when it comes to your yacht brokerage’s SEO. At all costs, we must keep our webpage from landing on the second page of a search engine, as it can cost us hundreds and thousands, or even millions in income. To shoot for high rankings for your web pages, you must first understand the rules. Here are different SEO penalties, and how to redeem your site from them.


Have you ever surfed the web and was bombarded with irrelevant or unnecessary content? Well, that’s due to spam caused by various sites. Spam is considered an inconvenience for users and search engines. These search engines take extra measure to put a stop to spamming, as this can tank your SEO rankings.

If your yacht brokerage’s site was hit with an SEO penalty for spam, you can still come back from it. Find the source of the source of the spam and remove it. To ensure your yacht broker’s site isn’t mixing up spamming for outreach, shop around for a legitimate, mass-communication system. Also, when shopping for an automated messaging system, always make sure it includes an anti-spam feature.


“Cloaking” is considered such a serious offense to search engines that sometimes sites get banned for it. This technique involves showing search engines a variant of your web pages that differ from what internet users will see on their screen. As cloaking is used in different ways, it may show up in content on your web pages such as photos, video, and text. Sometimes, cloaking happens when site owners and SEOs are unaware of it.

Fortunately, cloaking is repairable. First, investigate which sections of the webpage are cloaked. You can use several free tools online to help you identify where the cloaking issue is occurring. Afterward, search for the cloaked section of your webpage on Google and compare it to the non-cloaked version to remove any mismatches.


The top priority of every and all web pages is its value. Just like spamming and cloaking, adding value can take on various forms. Each website should have a unique description to tell its visitors what the site offers and why they shouldn’t leave. However, the description of your website is contingent on how valuable your content is. If search engines consider your website to be valuable, your SEO rankings will be higher; if it’s not, your rankings may drop a few pages.

There are several ways to come back from lower rankings due to your website’s value. Make sure to use relevant content. For example: since your website is about your yacht business, it shouldn’t include home improvement topics. Another way to add value to your website is originality. Plagiarizing the work of others is a serious offense, and search engines will penalize your website for this.

If you receive an SEO penalty for your yacht broker’s website, don’t panic! These tips are a fool-proof way to come back swinging from any SEO penalty you may accrue. Do you feel like this is a lot to keep your site just above water? Cast a line to our team at Marine SEO. We’re experienced, SEO professionals who can help your SEO rankings stay afloat.


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