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How to Create Eye-Catching Content for Your Marine Business

Creating content for potential customers of your business is a great way to attract more eyes and views to your website and to increase the overall recognition of your brand. One of the most essential facets we work on at Marine SEO is creating content specifically for marine businesses to pique the interest of people frequenting your or similar companies.


How to Brainstorm Effective Marine Content Topics

The best way to create relevant content for your audience is to choose topics that are popular at the moment. Our content teams for both search engine optimization (SEO) marketing and social media marketing are constantly researching current events, holidays, celebrity news, marine industry news, and more to have a vast well of pertinent topics to draw from. 


If you run a boat maintenance business in South Florida, you can look at pertinent weather information and news or popular seasonal topics. For example, hurricane season runs from June until November in Florida, and a well-timed piece on “how to safely dock and protect your boat for a hurricane” on your blog page could gain your site many visitors. 


Choosing a Platform for Your Marine Content

With the ever-changing digital landscape, it is crucial to stay updated on the various online platforms. Our social media marketing team is constantly researching best practices specific to the platform they are working on. Once you have selected a good topic to create content for, the next step is choosing where to place it. Scenic pictures of various boats and yachts for a boat rental place do have a place on one’s boat rental website; however, implementing them into a business Instagram account can reach a new and different audience when done using proper hashtags and location tags.  


Likewise, posting boat maintenance tips on social media accounts for a boat mechanic will not reach as many viewers as it would if it was instead formatted as a blog/article that can be found through search engines. 


When selecting a platform for a piece of content, the goal is to get in the mindset of someone searching for the topic you are writing on. Common questions and tips are generally sought after on search engine sites, so these questions should be added to a blog or news page on your website. 


Set Aside Time for Content and Research

The best content unsurprisingly results from properly researched and well-written information. Content creation, if done correctly, takes time and effort. Our digital marketing and SEO marketing packages are personalizable and vary based on our clients’ needs and wants. Due to the importance of good content, many clients opt to portion a large percentage of their packages for content. 


It should come as no surprise that creating interesting time-sensitive content and having an audience come to you can be better and far more effective than your advertising and asking them to visit your website. 


Grow Your Marine Business

At Marine SEO in Fort Lauderdale, we have specialists ready to assist your business in all sectors of digital marketing, including SEO, social media, pay-per-click management (PPC), reputation management, and neuromarketing services. Contact us today to begin growing your marine business.


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