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How to Drive More Traffic onto Your Website

by Brittni Swenson

Your business’s website, along with its social media accounts, is the face of your business. As important as having a visually appealing website is, it needs to be optimized to ensure that customers and search engines respond to it positively. Fortunately for your business, Marine SEO offers website optimization for marine business services that work towards making your potential customers as responsive as possible to your website. There are several ways that Marine SEO can optimize your website. These strategies include ensuring a responsive website, keeping an updated blog, and ensuring that your website is integrated with your social media accounts.

How Does Designing a Responsive Website Help My Website Optimization for Marine Business Efforts?

One good website optimization for marine businesses strategy to employ is designing a responsive website. A responsive website is one whose design is uniform across any device that a user chooses to view it on. This website optimization strategy is especially advantageous when one considers that most of your customers have a few mobile devices that they use to navigate the internet. Responsive web design also opens the door for mobile marketing, which includes a combination of social media, SMS, and email marketing


Also, it is important to note that Google has begun favoring mobile-friendly websites in their search ranking. So, having a responsive design is important both for your potential customers and your rankings on Google. 


How Does Keeping a Blog Help My Website Optimization for Marine Business Efforts? 

Blogs are important for marine businesses because it is an opportunity for them to create content that ranks highly on search engines. Thanks to search engine optimization tactics like keyword research and content creation, any marine business can design a blog that makes them rank highly on search engine results pages. 


Although it is certainly an advantage to rank highly on search engines, businesses need to understand that website optimization is all about catering to customers. Consequently, your blog should be tailored towards the customers that you wish to influence. For example, if you own a fish chartering business, your blog posts should aim to inform your potential customers of any safety concerns that they may have or detail any good spots that your chartering business can take them to fish. By influencing your positioning on results pages and being useful to customers, maintaining a blog aids your website optimization strategies


How Does Integrating My Website on Social Media Help My Website Optimization for Marine Business Efforts?

As mentioned previously, your potential customers are increasingly using their mobile devices to interact with your business, making mobile marketing a big possibility. The most popular social media platforms are all primarily accessed through mobile devices. These include Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If your business links its social media profiles to its website, users on these platforms will be directed to your website and vice versa. A useful way that your marine business can begin to integrate its social media profiles with its website is by having a section of the home page where your Instagram profile is visible. This way, users can immediately navigate to your Instagram profile and share their experiences.

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