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How to Make the Most of An SEO Conference

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If there’s one way to get hands-on knowledge of SEO, it’s an SEO conference. These conferences are a great way to be engaged while learning about the latest SEO trends. Check out the following tips on how to get the most out of an SEO meeting to better optimize your yacht company’s website.


First things first – be available. When you plan on attending an SEO conference, keep your schedule clear to prepare for booking travel and hotel. Make sure that you are also available for both daytime and evening sessions to get the most out of the conference – you don’t want to miss out on any vital information for your yacht brokerage’s website!

Stay Social!

Most SEO conferences will have specific hashtags and people to follow. This is a great way to stay engaged online while learning from others. You’ll also be able to stay up to date with every event that’s happening simultaneously.

Plan Ahead

Make sure to schedule your day with sessions that are most important for your yacht brokerage business. Most SEO conferences will have an app or website that have all their sessions listed. If you’re going with a team, make sure to spread out to and take notes on a Google Doc in real-time so that everyone gets the juicy details of each session simultaneously. If going solo, follow the event’s hashtags to keep track of notes shared by other attendees.

Take Part in Social & Networking Events

This is another part of the event you don’t want to miss out on. You’ll get to mix and mingle with those who are just as interested in the search marketing industry as you are. Don’t forget to collect business cards!

Seek Out Vendors

Just a note: not all vendors are bad. Yes, they may target you even if you opt-out of permitting them to market to you, however, it can be really helpful to research the sponsors and vendors of the conference. You may even receive free stuff and new, useful resources when talking directly with the product team.

Follow Up

Don’t fade off into oblivion within someone’s mind. After the conclusion of the event, make sure to follow up with your new associates and friends. Make LinkedIn connections. Become Facebook friends. Follow each other on Instagram. Send out personal emails. Do whatever you need to do to remain in contact with those who can prove useful to your yacht brokerage in the future.

SEO conferences are extremely important to learn how to better optimize your website. There’s so much to benefit from these conferences, including putting you ahead in the yacht industry. If you don’t have time in your schedule to attend an SEO conference, feel free to cast out a line to our experts at Marine SEO.  We work professionally with our clients to keep them ahead in the SEO game.


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