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How to Optimize Your Website Post Covid-19

One of the more striking effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is the increased amount of time people are spending indoors. An obvious result of people spending more time indoors is the expanded use of search engines and the internet to find all kinds of products — including boats. With this large influx of potential customers on the internet, your maritime business needs to take advantage of maritime digital marketing tactics like search engine optimization (SEO). 


While SEO and web marketing for the marine industry have changed in light of the coronavirus, the pandemic also presents plenty of opportunities for marine businesses of all sizes to alter their strategies and take advantage of the new context that the marketplace operates in. 

Adapting Keywords for Maritime Digital Marketing During COVID-19

When your business is implementing SEO strategies, its foundation should be built upon finding and using keywords that potential customers are inputting into search engines. Since COVID is such a popular topic at the moment, your boat vendor or other maritime business should find keywords related to the topic. Once you find those keywords, it is important to implement them into your content so it becomes easier for interested customers to navigate onto your website. For example, some customers might feel the need to isolate themselves by buying a boat during this time. 


A good digital marketing tactic for a boat vendor would be to cater to customers looking for a boat through website content, highlighting the need for isolation during a dangerous virus.


Mobile Devices and Maritime Digital Marketing

Another interesting aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it relates to digital marketing for maritime businesses is the skyrocketing use of mobile devices. This represents an intriguing opportunity for your business to adapt its digital marketing strategy to adopt more mobile-friendly websites. 

According to new data from Twigby, a nationwide phone service provider, 39 percent of survey participants have been relying on their phones more due to social distancing.1 Additionally, Google has announced that they will be utilizing a mobile-first indexing strategy in 2019. This means when Google’s robots crawl your website, they prefer to access the mobile version. Using Google’s search console can assist your marine business in uncovering the beneficial or detrimental factors of search engine placement.


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