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How Your Maritime School Can Increase Enrollments Using Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has the potential to impact any business, even maritime education institutions. Almost everyone is on the internet nowadays, meaning that your school can reach more potential students and parents online. The more parents or prospective students that your maritime school influences, the higher your enrollment rates will be. Digital marketing for maritime schools is a surefire way to increase your online presence and enrollment rates. The easiest ways to take advantage of digital marketing for maritime education are social media marketing, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click Google advertising. 

Social Media Marketing For Maritime Schools

Social media marketing allows maritime schools to showcase their culture and perks to anyone. Aside from being a platform for sharing content, social media allows you to create a community of students and parents. This is especially viable through Facebook. For a maritime school, it can be another way to provide information to parents and students. Facebook Groups allows you to upload videos, post events, run polls, and ask questions. These features allow your maritime school to improve communications while sharing content to an interested group of people. 

Instagram is the most popular social media platform on the planet behind Facebook. The photo-sharing social media platform allows your marine education institution to share high-quality photos and videos that showcase all that your school has to offer. Your Instagram profile is the perfect way to populate your feed with authentic pictures of your program. 

Search Engine Optimization For Maritime Schools

Search engine optimization increases the visibility of your maritime school’s website to people searching for marine schools. Marine SEO’s crew improves your visibility by integrating high-demand keywords into your content. High-demand keywords are words or phrases that your customers are inputting into search engines. When a student or parent searches for the best marine schools on Google, the search engine will hunt the internet for relevant information to determine the placement of your website. The higher your website ranking, the more prospective students will visit your website. 

Pay-Per-Click Strategies For Maritime Schools

The best way to ensure that your school enjoys prime real estate on Google is by using paid advertising. In PPC advertising, schools bid for high ad placement at the top of search engine results. Pay-per-click-advertising lets maritime schools differentiate themselves from competitors by placing higher than them on search results. Much like search engine optimization, PPC strategies help maritime schools by making them more visible to searchers. 

Regardless of the marine service your company provides, every player in the marine industry can benefit from partnering with Marine SEO. To learn more about how your maritime school can benefit from these tactics, contact Marine SEO. Marine SEO is a full-service marketing agency that is vertical-specific to the marine industry. Our digital marketing agency would love to help you cruise past the competition by using a detailed marketing strategy. 

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