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How Zero-Click Search Affects Your SEO Strategy

In an age where your potential customers rely on Google or Bing to find your chartering service, cruise line, dealership, or retailer, businesses should make sure that it is as visible as possible on these platforms. Your business should understand that search engine optimization, not to mention a zero-click SEO strategy, should be a pillar in your digital marketing for marine business efforts because it makes your website or landing page more visible to people interested in your product or service. 

Why do ‘Zero-Click’ searches affect my marine business online?

To make the most use of SEO, it is important to understand that the purpose of search engines is to be as useful to searchers as possible. The way that Google or Bing makes themselves useful to their users is by providing them with relevant, digestible search results. Therefore, digital marketers create content, optimize websites, and build relevant links to inform Google or Bing’s algorithm of your relevance to the topic being searched; however, digital marketing is a field that is under constant change. Popular search engines typically update their algorithms or introduce new facets of search engine results pages to enhance the user experience. One of the most striking additions is the inclusion of zero-click results to results pages. The relatively new angle to search engine marketing, initially introduced to streamline searches, should impact your SEO strategy.


What Are Zero-Click Search Results?

As suggested by its name, zero-click search results are those that do not require clicking a link to find the information that a searcher needs. This could be in the form of a quick answer, a short excerpt from your written content, or even a map result. Using a zero-click SEO strategy is also useful for businesses because they are placed directly under the search bar, allowing for maximum visibility. 


How Does Zero-Click Search Affect My SEO Strategy?

Many searches are conducted from mobile devices or people who are impatient or quickly looking for an answer. If your business does not cater to this new customer profile, it risks leaving many customers on the table. According to SparkToro, a market research software company, 50.33% of all searches are zero-click searches,1 which means that half of all Google searches do not result in clicking a link. This statistic points to the fact that users are becoming increasingly inclined to avoid clicking on website links and almost exclusively. Implementing not only a mobile marketing strategy but a zero-click SEO strategy as well could drive traffic to a site.


As stated before, Google’s algorithm decides which website’s snippets/content are the most relevant, and therefore most qualified to be featured as a top-ranking snippet. This means that businesses that do not take advantage of an expert marine business digital marketing agency like Marine SEO run the risk of losing valuable web traffic and leads to their competition. 


Marine SEO: Experts in Digital Marketing for Marine Businesses

Marine SEO is a digital marketing agency ready to help your marine business take advantage of digital marketing. Increased web traffic, leads, and conversions – in other words using digital marketing to its full advantage – is a great way to grow your business. Contact us today to learn more about our SEO for the marine industry as well as reputation management, and social media marketing services. 



SparkToro – Less than Half of Google Searches Now Result in a Click


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