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Should Yacht Management Companies Do International Marketing?

Should Yacht Management Companies Do International Marketing?

You may be considering yacht marketing overseas for your yacht management company. At first, the question seems like it has an easy answer. No local yacht management company would be positively impacted by international marine industry marketing. This is inaccurate, though. Such a question requires more thought before a decision is made.

International marketing provides yacht management companies with advantages which would not have been available to them otherwise.

In this way, global marketing involves the spread of advertising and branding overseas to draw more international consumers to a certain product.

Yacht management, on the other hand, is much more localized and consists of a company’s maintenance of a yacht or a boat. These responsibilities include working with the crew and the captain or making repairs on the vessel. These are tasks that need on-the-ground people working on that specified vessel.

So why should your yacht management company go international?

Though your business is local in nature and would benefit from on-site marine industry marketing, going global will allow for an unparalleled business expansion. This is turn creates a larger customer base, which no business would ever turn down.

For instance, you may be doing some yacht marketing in England, which a buyer might glimpse and later use on a vacation near your sight of operation. Or maybe the buyer lives near your business sight yet hears of your company internationally and hires you when he or she returns.

These scenarios may sound unlikely. If you’re not convinced yet, think about the impact going international will have on your brand reputation. Potential customers are more likely to use a company that has an international presence, rather than one that is entirely local. You may not be drawing more global clients at first, but local ones will see that you exist on a wide platform. To them, this implies that you are more competent and more trustworthy, which will result in buyers choosing your yacht management company over a competitor’s.

Once your yacht marketing takes off on the international stage, your business should see a spike not only in new customers, but also in new business partners. Overtime, international marketing allows a yacht management company to establish outlets in various areas and forge connections which they would not have made if they remained in their own corner of the world.

From this, international marketing presents yacht management companies with a wealth of new and unique opportunities to seize in the future. Just think of the new technologies, techniques, and people you will encounter when you branch out.

Though it seems like a no-brainer to say “no” to global marketing for your yacht management company, think again in order for your business and your world to thrive.

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