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How to Keep Your Marine Business Afloat During a Pandemic

The marine industry will indeed float during this worldwide crisis. It’s perfectly normal to feel the hysteria in the world during this tough time. There is no need to stay anchored with fear – let’s set sail to increase your brand awareness and keep your business afloat.

How to Increase Your Marine Brand Awareness

While your boating business thrives on water, during this outbreak of COVID-19, it can also survive online. Our dedicated marine industry marketers share a few ways you can increase your brand awareness without sinking this season.

Check-in with past, current and future clients

One of the first steps to keep your business afloat during this worldwide pandemic is by checking in with past, present and prospective clients. Conduct meetings with staff over video chat, email your current clients, and follow up with pending clients. During your calls, make sure you discuss your plan of action for your boating business as well any ideas you have during and after this outbreak as it relates to the client. When you are transparent with your client, assuring them you are serving their best interests, your clients will appreciate it.

Increase social media presence

While your customers are stuck in self-isolation, either in the middle of the ocean or on land, they can stay in touch with your company via social media. Social media for the marine industry, as well as many other fields, offers a direct form of communication with the public to increase engagement and reach a wider audience. Whether you are a boat dealer, yacht owner, or marina worker, you will be able to increase your brand awareness through your social media presence. Post any changes to upcoming trips, offer specials, talk about tips to make the best of social distancing on a yacht, perhaps even sharing the latest yachts on the market, or just connect with clients to see how they’re doing during this time and how your company is reacting to the outbreak.

Improve website content

Another important measure to increase brand awareness and keep your business afloat is by enhancing website content. You can either create your own website content or work with experts in search engine optimization for maritime businesses to identify all the opportunities to improve your website and implement an effective marketing strategy. With our yacht industry SEO services, you will notice an increase in organic traffic with well-written content for your target audience using appropriate, relevant keywords as well as interlinking and link acquisition. Think about you’re your audience is interested in, what they care about, and create engaging content they would want to read.

While this is a tough time for all businesses, regardless of location, it’s essential to rise above it all and keep swimming. If you have additional questions on how to keep your business afloat during this pandemic, contact us today. Let our crew help you set your sail and ride into the wind.


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