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The Importance of Using Keywords in SEO Content

Moving into the second decade of the millennium, growing your company’s online presence is more important than ever. Search engines continue to see increased growth in organic search as well as more paid advertisers than years prior. As the trajectory for search advances upward, now is the time to develop great content to showcase your brand and expertise in the marine industry. 

What are keywords in SEO? 

Keywords in SEO, also known as search engine optimization, are different ideas, phrases, and topics that explain to search engines, as well as customers, the purpose of your content. These keywords act as a guide to the main purpose of your blog, article, web page, image, video, etc. 

How many keywords should be used for SEO? 

Each digital marketing agency, publication, and industry leader has a different number for how many keywords should be included in your content. A rule of thumb that Marine SEO uses is to insert your main focus keyword in your title, meta description, and between 2-4 times through the content (especially in the first 100-words of the content).  Keep this in mind: while your focus keywords should be ‘sprinkled’ through the content, you should also use and reference long-tailed keywords or relevant keyword phrases to help tie your SEO strategy together through your website. 

For example, if you are writing a piece of content and your focus keyword is to rank for ‘best marina in Fort Lauderdale’, this phrase should be in your title, description, and throughout your content; it is also important to include other phrases to assist your primary keyword, such as ‘marinas in Broward county’ or ‘boat storage on Las Olas’. Long-tailed keywords are more specific combinations of search terms that are relevant to a user who would be interested in your focus/primary keyword. 

Why is SEO important? 

SEO allows prospective customers to find your website. Through SEO marketing, your website can increase its quantity and quality of website traffic for search queries relevant to your brand, service, products, and other opportunities.  

Organic traffic is traffic driven for free from search engines when your website is deemed relevant to a search query. For example, if you sell bathing suits online, paid advertising (also known as PPC) can help your website or shopping feed populate dynamically for generic searches such as ‘bathing suit’ or ‘women’s bathing suit brands’. 

However, generic searches, i.e. ‘bathing suit’, may be difficult for a smaller, local bathing suit company to rank for organically; this is where paid advertising can assist. With SEO marketing that small local swimwear company can rank for ‘custom bathing suits near me’ or ‘bathing suit shop in Fort

Lauderdale’. SEO not only increases your visibility on search engines, but it can also help drive in-store traffic using local SEO tactics. 

Regardless of the marine service your company provides, every company in the marine industry can benefit from SEO marketing. To learn more about using keywords in SEO or the benefits of SEO for a marine company, contact Marine SEO. Marine SEO is a full-service marketing agency that is vertical specific to the marine industry. Our digital marketing agency would love to help you cruise past the competitor through a detailed marketing strategy. 


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