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Link Building for Cruise Ships

Cruise liners need to implement SEO strategies to improve their rankings on search engines and reach more customers. Search engine optimization for marine businesses is just as complex and important as it is for other industries. Search engine optimization helps businesses improve their ranking on search engines like Google or Bing because these search engines deem their website useful to the user. One of the most powerful SEO strategies that could be used by marine businesses is link building. 

What Is Link Building?

Link building is the process of getting external websites linking to your domain. When a credible source links your website, it signals to Google that your cruise line has authority in the industry and is more useful to searchers. Since you are deemed more useful to searchers, your website will be placed higher on their search engine results page, making your website one of the first ones that they see. 

Link building is held in such high regard by Google, they rarely veer from making it one of their primary ranking factors amid constant updates to their algorithm. 

While links are vital to SEO strategy, not every link has the same worth. Links from highly established sources related to the cruising industry like Porthole Cruise Magazine and Cruise International Magazine will be more conducive to higher rankings than less-established sources. 

How Can Cruise Liners Earn Links From Reputable Sources?

Cruise ships that look to earn links from highly-regarded sources need to start by making sure they share high-quality and unique content on their social media profiles and website. This ensures people will naturally want to share what they found useful to people who they think will enjoy it. 


Aside from sharing great content, cruise ships can earn links by getting reviews from popular bloggers or influencers related to the cruise industry. Bloggers or influencers that link your cruise line through their platform are useful because it ensures an audience that is receptive towards cruises is getting a recommendation from someone whose opinion they respect. 

Aside from the influx of potential customers that visit your website on recommendation from their favorite blogger or influencer, it signals to Google you are a recommended source for cruise ships and will place your website higher on search engines. 

If your marine business needs assistance with its link building or digital marketing strategy, look no further than Marine SEO. Marine SEO offers marine business search engine optimization and link building, among other digital marketing tactics. Our search engine optimization for marine businesses can help you cruise past your competition. Contact our Fort Lauderdale SEO and digital marketing agency today to learn more.


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