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Metadata 101

At Marine SEO, we offer a wide variety of marine industry marketing services with a focus on digital marketing. We’re experts when it comes to anchoring your website on the first page of results in Google and other search engines. There are countless factors that search engines when considering which websites to put in top positions in rakings, and metadata is one important component.

What is Metadata for SEO?

So, what is metadata, and how can it help my site? For SEO, metadata is a collection of data that Google and other search engines read when trying to determine how relevant your webpage is for a query. The more relevant your page, the better your rankings. While there are countless ranking factors, metadata is one important one that can make or break your digital marketing. Specifically, metadata for websites includes:

  • Title Tags – What shows up as the title of your page
  • Meta Descriptions – The blurb that shows up in Google and search engine results
  • Image Alt Text – Information that describes images to google
  • Headers – H1s, H2s, ect.

Why Does Metadata Matter?

Metadata is important for SEO, but it’s also important for how users interact with your website overall. Good metadata helps users better understand your website, its images, and its organization. For SEO, metadata helps tell search engines (and search engine users) what your website, content, and images are all about. When you add keywords into your metadata, it helps your site even further. That being said, don’t overstuff keywords in your metadata, or anywhere else on your site, for that matter.

Mastering Metadata

At Marine SEO, we offer a wide variety of services for digital marketing in Fort Lauderdale. If you’re wondering how to step up your metadata, or your digital marketing overall, we’re here to help! We offer SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and more. Our marine marketing experts can handle your metadata and all other aspects of your digital marketing. Contact us today to get started!


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