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Picture Perfect SEO

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When it comes to SEO rankings as a yacht broker, image SEO plays a vital role in optimizing your webpage. Read more below on how to improve your SEO rankings with images.

Keep. It. Simple!

So, you’re creating content for your yacht broker website and decide to include a photo within your content. As you’re looking for the most beautiful photos of your brokerage or yacht collection, you come across an image with a lot of details or patterns. This isn’t an image that benefits your SEO rankings. Image SEO favors images with fewer details or patterns because they would be a smaller file size.

Don’t Mix It Up

Sometimes different types of photos don’t mix well together, but for a good reason. Never use a photographic image along with illustrations or fonts. The reason for this is a larger file will be created, which can hurt your SEO rankings. Also, a photographic JPEG file must be saved at a higher resolution to prevent pixilation in wording than an illustration PNG file with wording. So, try not to use wording with photographic images to keep the file size low and your webpage’s download speed high.

Less Is More

When using illustrations or graphic images to coordinate with your content, make sure there aren’t too many colors as this creates a larger file size. If using a photographic image, try to desaturate the image a bit to create a smaller file size. Don’t worry, most online users won’t notice the change!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Remember: images are content, not decorations. When using images within your content, make sure it’s relevant to your written content. Images that are relevant help the users understand your content better. The image must always support the content. Furthermore, make sure that your image is fresh and up to date.

Proper Format

One common mistake in image SEO is not saving an image in the correct file. Always save photographic images as a JPG file and illustrations as a PNG file. If you save an image as a GIF file, keep in mind that most sites classify such files as videos and you may have a “play” button on top of your image. If you’re having trouble converting your picture file, you can try it out here.

Stand Out From The Rest

Stay away – we repeat – stay away from stock images for your webpage. Most likely, as a yacht broker, you’ll have your own original images, however, just in case your camera may break, stay far away from stock images. If you do decide to use stock images, remember that there are thousands of other sites using that exact image. This can really hurt your SEO rankings as search engines will have a hard time ranking your webpage from the rest.

We hope this little tidbit of SEO advice helps you improve at your SEO rankings and image SEO. If you’re looking to cast a farther line for your webpage, don’t hesitate to contact Marine SEO. We are professional experts on the topic of SEO and can help your website sail off into the sunset.


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