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Reasons to Create a YouTube Channel for Your Yacht Toys Business

A lot has been said of the enormous popularity of online video content and the growing strength of video marketing. With plenty of digital video platforms to choose from, YouTube has risen as the clear king. More and more professionals have recognized the potential benefits of having a YouTube channel for their business. That includes many businesses in the yachting and marine industry.

Companies that manufacture and sell yacht toys in particular have taken advantage of video to not only improve their overall marine industry marketing strategy, but also to cast a much wider net and reel in more customers. YouTube is particularly well-suited to show off their fun products. Selling yacht toys? Here are the top four reasons to make a YouTube channel for your business, starting now!

1.      A Video Is Worth a Thousand Words

Just like a photo, a video is worth a thousand words. In most cases, it is even worth more than that. No matter how good the written copy on your website is or how creative your product descriptions are, nothing shows off yacht toys better than visuals, especially video. You can tell potential customers about the experience of zipping through aquamarine waves on a jet ski, sliding down an inflatable water slide, or exploring multicolored coral reefs with an underwater jet ski OR you can show them just how fun they could have with a well-edited video.

2.      Access a Larger Audience

Hosting your yacht toy videos on YouTube is a good idea because more people are likely to find your videos there than on your own site. That’s because YouTube is one of the most popular and busy sites on the web today. In 2018, YouTube was the second most visited site in the world, just behind Google.1 More than 50% of millennials check YouTube at least once per day.2 If you properly link to your company website and utilize the necessary call to action, plenty of those YouTube viewers may end up on your site. A few clicks in and they might even start building up a shopping cart!

3.      Take Up More SERP Real Estate

As Fort Lauderdale search engine optimization specialists in the game for quite a while now, we understand better than many others that the days of simple search engine result pages are gone. Type in any query into Google or Bing and you won’t likely be presented with just a list of links leading to other websites. You might see an answer box, a product carousel, a question and answer accordion, and maybe a selection of related videos appearing at the top. Those search results, due to their position and visual distinctness, will probably attract the most eyeballs. One way to have your content appear in that valuable real estate is to create a YouTube channel for your business and start posting videos of your products in action.

4.      Reach Multiple Channels with Video Content

The videos you post onto your YouTube channel aren’t confined to that site and that site alone. YouTube makes it easy for you to embed your videos onto your company’s website, making on-site integration a breeze.

The video content you create for your YouTube channel can also be used to build out your social media accounts. Video is incredibly popular on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and plenty of other social sites – often getting the most engagement from audiences.

Your videos can also help strengthen your email marketing by spicing up newsletters and sales announcements, pushing higher click-through rates. Having a healthy back log of video content showcasing the yacht toys you sell will help you dominate multiple channels, and hopefully drive sales!


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