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Top 3 Reasons Why Listicles Are So Popular and Effective

Popularized by websites like Buzzfeed and PopSugar, listicles have become a staple of the online reading experience. Content split up into numbered lists or rankings drives high volumes of readership and engagement. So, what attracts those eyeballs? What’s so appealing of reading through an online list?

Our marine industry marketing experts, specializing in SEO for the marine industry, try to answer the question – why do listicles work?

1.      Readability

The first of many reasons why listicles are so popular is that they are incredibly east to read. Shorter attention spans and smaller mobile screens means online readers don’t want to be bogged down with blocks of texts. They want their information fast and they want it concise. There’s no better way to give your readers what they want than by splitting up text into short blurbs separated by bullet points or numbers. Listicles force writers to break down content into only the valuable information and readers just can’t seem to get enough!

“With the tsunami of incoming stuff, our brains will automatically try to find a sorting mechanism and try to make sense of it. So we naturally gravitate to the listicle. Finally! the brain says. A writer who has actually organized thoughts into some semblance of order. The brain sees organization and says, Right, let’s read it.” – Steve Denning, Forbes Senior Contributor

2.      Visually Appealing

Online listicles are often accompanied by a ton of pictures, illustrating each bullet point of information and allowing readers to better visualize the text they are reading. Like a cook book with a photo for every recipe, visuals are one of the strongest selling points of listicles. But the visually appealing nature of lists doesn’t stop there. Numbered lists act as guides for readers, they know exactly how much information and value they are going to get without ever feeling lost.

3.      Easy to Share

Listicles allow readers to distill information they find valuable quickly and in an easily digestible way. Working on the assumption that their friends and other connections will also appreciate the convenience and simple reading listicles provide, readers are more likely to share that type of content. People don’t like to share in a void, they want what they share to encourage conversation. If they found value in the piece, it’s likely their friends will too. That’s what will lead them to pressing the share button.


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