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See Into The Future With VR For The Boating Industry

VR, or virtual reality, provides a computer-generated simulation of images or environments that can be interacted with by a person using special electronic equipment in a realistic manner. In other words, it allows users to be captivated by a highly realistic image that they can see remotely from any location.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to change the way that they conduct regular operations on the turn of a dime. The inability of businesses to conduct in-store activities is the main culprit for the change in operations. For the boating industry, the COVID-19 pandemic means that they have adopted VR tours amid sweeping cancellations of public gatherings like boat shows. Since virtual reality does not require a physical presence, virtual reality for the boating industry could be used to showcase their new offerings or experiences remotely.

VR Marketing For Boat Brokerages

If you own a boat brokerage and cannot give a physical tour of the newest offering in person, you could utilize VR to show the inside of a new boat to customers. VR goggles provide a 360-degree view of all parts of the boat that a customer could be interested in. Customers can even consider possible modifications to the boat’s design using virtual reality. Virtual reality marketing has come such a long way that in some cases users can test how wind and waves influence their experience on the boat. The first-hand experience allows your business to differentiate itself from the rest by providing a more personal showing to customers.

Panorama View

Panorama views are a great advantage of virtual reality for the boating industry. A panorama offers a 360-degree view of a boat where prospective buyers can zoom in and look around from a fixed location. Panorama views are especially useful for boats with open decks or smaller interior spaces.

Virtual Tours

Another way that your business can use VR by using virtual tours. Virtual tours use a series of fixed panoramic views to give users the impression of a face to face walk-in tour. This allows users to view different parts of the boat at their discretion. Virtual tours can even be used for boats that have not been built yet by using CGI.

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