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SEO Nightmares To Avoid This Halloween (And How to Fix Them)

Imagine a client website that’s ranking high on Google and Bing search engine results, a website that is getting a healthy amount of traffic. That’s an SEO dream scenario, one that the team of marine industry marketers at Marine SEO, our Fort Lauderdale search engine optimization and digital marketing agency, works hard to achieve. Now imagine a sharp drop in that site’s SERP rankings and organic traffic – this is the nightmare scenario all SEOs want to avoid. In the spirit of the upcoming spooky Halloween season, our marine industry marketing professionals have identified the top three most frightening SEO nightmares to be avoided and how to fix them should they become true.

Web Developer Changes URL Without SEO Input

Whether the URL of one page is changed or the website’s entire domain is altered, the SEO impact of changing URLs can be significant if the proper 301 redirects were not put in place. This SEO nightmare scenario can happen during a major site migration or can be the result of a simple uploading error. Either way, traffic to the site can see a steep drop if users are being led to 404 Error pages instead of the page they want.

If a popular page’s URL is changed and no redirects are implemented, both search engine results and backlinks will lead to a 404 error page instead of organic traffic going to the new page. Not only does this abruptly cut off traffic to the site, but multiple 404 errors will leave your site in bad standing with the Google algorithm. Expect lower rankings soon after. Fix this by implementing the necessary 301 redirects and communicating some basic SEO guidelines on URLs with developers and other publishers on the site.

Hundreds of Duplicate Pages on Retail Sites

With bad SEO techniques, an E-commerce site’s catalog of products can result in hundreds or even thousands of duplicate pages. Both the pagination of product pages and filters separating products by color, size, or other things can lead to a proliferation of duplicate pages onto a retail site. Duplicate and thin content that these pages will likely represent to Google is a negative ranking factor, which means lower SERP rankings and decreased organic traffic.

Fortunately, there are a few solutions to fix this SEO nightmare. To help Google identify a paginated sequence rather than see pagination as duplicate content, your digital maritime marketing expert will implement “next” and “prev” tags. As for problems with product filters, applying a “canonical” tag on the primary product page is the easiest and best solution to avoid duplicate pages. If that option is not available, “NoIndex” tags are the second choice. Use these SEO tools effectively and you’ll see increased traffic to your E-commerce site soon enough.

A Beautiful Website Redesign Leads to An Ugly Traffic Drop

Website redesigns and site migrations represent the most common root causes of most SEO nightmares. If a company undergoes a redesign or migration without consulting SEO specialists throughout the process, they can expect a decreased SEO performance once the new site goes live. This type of SEO nightmare can lead to not only major traffic loss and ranking drops, but it may also lead to significant revenue loss.

The best option is to avoid this scenario from the start, SEO specialists should work closely with clients’ web developers to ensure all 301 redirects are implemented and all metadata is transferred onto the new pages before the redesigned site goes live. Without making these website redesign SEO considerations, you’ll be left with multiple 404 errors and missing metadata which are negative ranking factors for Google.

If you want your site migration to go smoothly and all SEO to be transferred to your new site, Marine SEO is here to help. As top experts of search engine optimization in Fort Lauderdale, our dedicated team has helped multiple yacht management companies, brokerages, boat dealers, and other maritime businesses optimize their digital marketing strategies. As a Fort Lauderdale PPC agency, we also manage clients’ paid advertising accounts. Find out how you can cruise past the competition with Marine SEO by contacting us or giving us a call at 954-281-9995. We look forward to hearing from you!


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