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SEO Trends in 2019

As 2019 is almost upon us, so it’s time to switch up your strategy for marine industry marketing. In 2018, Google has changed mobile and page speed-related features and the results will carry on to the new year. In addition, there are some non-Google SEO tactics you’ll have to consider for your yacht business site. Putting these trends into practice as soon as possible can help keep your marine site afloat into the new year.

Page Speed

Google has been increasingly encouraging sites to deliver the best UX and to deliver it fast. For quite some time now, desktop page loading time has been a reining ranking factor. However, as of late, mobile page speed has been reaching the importance of UX as well. This means understanding which metrics Google will pay more attention to in terms of page speed evaluation.

So, how can marine industry marketers enhance desktop AND mobile page speed for UX? For now, focus on the optimization score is critical for rankings. Google has curated a list of references for your site’s optimization and to track the results. There’s also a guide to improving the optimization score on your webpage.

Mobile-First Indexing

Ever since Google first implemented mobile-first indexing [1] back in March, the mobile version of your webpage has been used for indexing and ranking. However, mobile-first indexing isn’t “mobile-only.” Both mobile and desktop versions have a single index. Still, since the mobile version is a primary factor for ranking, it’s time to improve the mobile UX for your webpage.

If you haven’t done so already, get ahead of marine industry marketing by creating any mobile version of your marine website. Use a mobile bot like WebSite Auditor to help you observe how search engine spiders view your mobile pages. PageSpeed Insights can help you track your mobile page loading speeds and do a routine check to see if your pages deliver the best UX.

Amazon SEO

It’s common knowledge that Amazon doesn’t qualify as a search engine. Yes, its algorithm is similar to Google, yet, its internal search engine only searches for pages within Amazon. So, how is Amazon relevant to SEO? Over the years, more and more online users flock straight to Amazon for online shopping. According to a Kenshoo study, 56% of shoppers visit Amazon before any other online retailer [2].  In other words, if you’re selling products besides boats and they’re not on Amazon, you’re missing out on some impactful e-commerce.

So, how can marine industry marketers take advantage of this? First, perform keyword research through Amazon itself. Next, provide high-resolution images of your products and track customer reviews and concentrate on any complaints.

Though these are just a few trends to monitor in 2019 SEO, they can greatly impact your marine website. Keeping these trends in mind can make marine industry marketing more up-to-date next year. However, if you’re busy running your marine business and need a life preserver in marine industry marketing, cast a line out to our professional digital marketers at Marine SEO. With years of experience, we can help bring your website to the forefront of the SEO world!



[1] Google Webmaster Central Blog – Rolling out mobile-first indexing

[2] Kenshoo – Amazon: The Big e-Commerce Marketing Opportunity for Brands


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