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Stay A-Float With These SEO Hacks for Voice Search

The time for voice search in your SEO strategy is now. If we have learned anything about voice search in 2017, it’s that about 30 million voice search devices are being used to date. Of that 30 million, forty percent being used by adults daily.

With the addition of the improvements each year to Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana, smartphone users are not far off from asking their phone for any type of information that is in the digital world to date – and this data is just mobile devices alone. With the addition of the Amazon Echo and Google Home, voice search numbers will continue to rise and take over to the point where users are unlikely to look at their screen to find information. This is an opportunity you do no want to miss with your marine marketing efforts.

How can you be sure to take advantage of all these changes before you’re behind the curve? Try these voice search hacks to stay on top in voice search.


Aim for Answer Boxes. Google devices today currently work off providing the information that is in featured snippets at the top of Google searches. If you’re in the zone, stay there because you are ahead of the pack. If you are not, here’s what you can do to compete for that top spot.


  1. Get Specific. Google loves straight to the point content. So, if your one of those fillers providing all the fluff to up your word count, stop now. You’re killing your chances.
  2. This is huge. We understand your extremely sophisticated, and you may be a Master of the Sea, but not everyone is. There are terms you may use while out on the open sea, but the average person is not going to be able to relate to that jargon.
  3. Engaging, relatable, interesting content will get you to the top. As a Fort Lauderdale Marketing Agency, we find ourselves striving to produce fresh content. The key to getting into that top spot: content that drives traffic and engages users. If your content is ranking poorly in Google searches, you have no chance of getting into that answer box.
  4. Don’t forget it’s voice search. When users are receiving answers through voice search, it’s content that is conversation friendly, so it can be forwarded correctly to the user. Reflect the tone of a conversation, not a robot.


Local SEO is bigger than ever. Just under half of voice searches are for gathering information about businesses. Make sure all your local SEO accounts are up to date with the CORRECT information. Google My Business needs to be updated with the correct hours of operation, address, phone number, and everything a user could possibly gather when doing a voice search. You are only hurting yourself by not staying up to date.


Site Speed can be the difference between your business and your top competitor being presented in a voice search. More often than not, voice searches are done on mobile devices. If your site is not mobile-friendly or has mobile page speed issues, you could get the boot from the top spot in voice searches. Do what you can to improve your site speed and apply AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to your website.


Get inside the head of searchers. If you’ve conducted a voice search, think about what the most obvious difference was compared to a traditional search: the fact that regular searches are usually limited to a few keywords, but voice searches are conducted with entire sentences. Google has rumored at including its own separate analytical data in Search Console strictly for voice searches. Why? Because of the main difference that comes from voice search and your average search engine search. The much greater length in long-tail keywords is taking place with voice search do to the conversational aspect that is taking place. So as a Marine Marketing Agency, we highly advise you to act now before the storm rolls in.


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