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The Benefits of Neuroscience and Marketing

All human emotions, impulses, and thoughts are a result of neural activity in the brain. These are also the driving forces behind consumer behavior and purchasing decisions. A business understanding of the human brain and the decision-making processes seems like something taken from a science fiction movie, but marine businesses in the 21st century can now use this to their advantage thanks to neuromarketing.

In simple terms, neuromarketing is the study of the brain to predict and manipulate consumer behavior. Specifically, neuromarketing analyzes the motivations, preferences, and decision-making processes customers undergo when they decide to consume a product or service. This information is useful for marine businesses because it helps them adjust their advertising, product development, and pricing strategies towards potential customers. Digital marketing plans for marine businesses could include some applications of neuromarketing to bring their strategy to the next level by applying knowledge from neuroscience.

Color Psychology

One of the most popular applications of neuromarketing is color psychology. Color psychology is the study of how colors influence human behavior and emotions. Our subconscious reaction to colors is something we experience in our daily lives. For example, fast-food restaurants commonly use red and yellow to convey feelings of hunger and urgency. Below is a list of colors and the emotions they elicit:

White: youth and modernity.

Black: powerful, mysterious, and luxurious.

Silver: new, modern, and cutting-edge.

Red: power, action, and confidence.

Blue: dependable and trustworthy.

Color psychology can be used in digital marketing for marine businesses to differentiate their product. Marine businesses, specifically boat vendors, can use these colors to hone in on their target demographic. If your business is concentrated on selling luxury boats, then you are better off using black in advertisements and content you create. If your segment desires to own modern and comfortable boats, your primary color should be white. Using the correct combination of colors can be a difference-maker when it comes to competing with other businesses who are in the same business sector.

It should be noted that colors do not always evoke the same response from everyone, but studies consistently show a correlation between colors and the emotions they elicit.

Loss Aversion and Anchoring

Neuroscience and psychology have shown us that people are also concerned with what they are missing out on. People fearing loss is a good indication your marine business should start using “buy now” marketing strategies to instill a sense of urgency in customers. By marketing your business offering as something scarce, they are more likely to act quickly.

Anchoring is a neuromarketing technique that works by playing on the tendency that humans remember the beginning and end of things more than anything in between. Marine businesses take advantage of this by emphasizing the most important part of advertisements at the beginning and end of the message.

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