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The Best Marine Industry Instagram Accounts to Follow

The team at our marine marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale are avid boating enthusiasts. From luxurious yachts to the high-speed boats for the adrenaline junkies, our marine social media marketing team share some of their favorite marine industry Instagram accounts to follow in 2019. So, whether you are just a water aficionado or a boat owner yourself, check out these ‘grams!

Dave’s Custom Boats @dcbracing

For those who enjoy the high-speed thrill of a boat, @dcbracing on Instagram is one of the best marine industry Instagram accounts to follow because the footage of the high-performance luxury boats getting wrapped in colors such as royal blue or bright red is just so mesmerizing to watch. Take a peek inside their shop and see the boats at the dock as they gently glide into the water only to get ready to speed away in a heartbeat.

The Yacht Guy @theyachtguy

Enjoy the finer things of life by following this marine industry account. The Yacht Guy on Instagram features luxurious yachts in all different settings. Alex J., the man behind the account, shares snippets of other people’s boats as they travel the seas in ultimate luxury, I mean have you ever seen the inside of a yacht? This account is perfect for those who like the finer things in life and appreciate details that go into yacht design.

Vessel Vendor @vesselvendor

Boat sales have never been easier when you follow Vessel Vendor. If you’re in the market for a new boat, Vessel Vendor is the marine industry account to follow on Instagram to get the latest boating info. They don’t just highlight the luxury yachts, but they also give fishing and boating advice. This account has so much to offer so you can get ready to sail the seas and travel the world.

EdgeWater Boats @edgewaterboats

EdgeWater boats on Instagram knows what they are doing when it comes to the power of marketing for boat dealers. This marine industry account is a  must-follow if you love to peek behind the scenes and check out how boats are built. EdgeWater boats make you feel as if you are actually in the factory and gives you a chance to see the hard work that goes into making these boats they love so much. Besides the quality vessels they build, the EdgeWater Instagram account also features photos of beautiful blue ocean and exciting fishing expeditions!

Florida Marine SEO @ flmarineseo

If you are looking for the experts in the marine industry who share great SEO, PPC and social media marketing tips to help your marine business thrive, then look no further! This is definitely one of the best marine industry Instagram accounts to follow if you love the high seas and the exciting world of marine marketing!




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