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Why Businesses in the Maritime Industry Should Repurpose Content

by Brittni Swenson

Repurposing content is a marketing strategy for the maritime industry that essentially involves updating existing content by making it more actionable and useful for a new purpose. Constantly updating existing content is not only an opportunity to optimize it with improved SEO, but it also works towards making content “evergreen.” Evergreen content is the term used to describe content that continues to be relevant long past its original publication. Relevant and high-quality content ensures that traffic to your website increases over time. A content marketing strategy that involves updating existing content comes with many other benefits, like a positive SEO impact, an enhanced online presence, and improved credibility. 

The positive SEO impact repurposed content can have on your boating website is shocking…

Google strives to make its experience as user-friendly as possible. An essential part of being user-friendly is allowing users to quickly find the most relevant information from their search. This means that search engines like Google prefer websites that publish the most relevant content. If you constantly repurpose high-quality content and implement the latest SEO for the marine industry, this will signal to Google that your website could be trusted, helping the website for your business in the marine industry rank higher. The more high-quality information you provide, the easier you can to be recognized as a credible source of information in the marine industry.

Increase Online Presence Through Multiple Channels

When you repurpose content with an inbound marketing strategy, you essentially increase the number of times that your content appears on the internet. When your content gets more visibility, it also showcases your brand to a new audience. For example, if you have noticed that your target audience responds particularly well to YouTube videos, you could base the script for the videos off of your old blog posts and later include a link to the blog in the description of the video. If you cater to customers who respond well to both blogs and YouTube videos by writing a blog and publishing a video, your content will have a lot more reach than if you just concentrated on one channel to post content. Likewise, if you incorporate social media marketing for the marine industry into your strategy, making use of the many features of Instagram and TikTok, for instance, you’ll broaden your reach.


Improve Credibility of Your Marine Business

Repurposing existing content establishes your expertise on certain subject matters because your audience will start perceiving you as an authority figure in the marine industry. This, in turn, strengthens your brand’s reputation and credibility. For example, if you have a highly ranked blog post and turn it into a YouTube video, Google will recognize that you have credibility on the subject because only a highly knowledgeable business would post so much content. 


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