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Why Google Isn’t Ranking Your Site

When someone searches a query on Google or other search engines, the engines crawl through thousands upon thousands of ranking factors to determine which websites to serve up in results. If your website isn’t showing up in search results, or if its rankings aren’t where you’d like them to be, you might be wondering what you’ve done to upset Google. That’s not exactly how it works. At Marine SEO, we offer service for digital marketing in Fort Lauderdale, we’re here to explain what’s going on when your site rankings aren’t at their best.

Why Isn’t My Site Ranking on Google?

When search engines determine which websites to serve in results, there are endless raking factors considered. A physically good-looking website isn’t enough to rank well on search engines. Here are some reasons your site might not be ranking a high as you’d like:

  • The content on it isn’t original, or it rambles on and on
  • Your content isn’t backed up by research, especially medical content
  • There are bad links heading to or from your site
  • The site speed is too slow
  • Your metadata is confusing or inaccurate
  • You are not using any keywords in your content
  • There is no interlinking on your site

These are some factors that can cause a drop in rakings for your site. Not to mention, as Google rolls out new updates (as it tends to several times a year), the requirements are always changing.

How to Improve Site Rankings

All hope is not lost! At Marine SEO, we know that you can improve site rankings with the right steps. We offer SEO for the marine industry, and we’re experts when it comes to helping sites bounce back from bad rankings. Improving metadata, content, and links can help improve your site’s positioning in rankings.

Whether you’re picking up your rankings from scratch or you need to recover from an SEO penalty, our experts at Marine SEO are here to help your site preform at its best. With our digital marketing services, successful web marketing is as easy as casting a line by giving us a call. Contact Marine SEO today to learn more!


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