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Why Fresh Content is the King of the Sea

You have content on your website already, so why do you need more? Well, like anything that sits and collects dust, it starts to get old, outdated and can lose its value. Search engines live off fresh content, if you continue to not feed the belly of the beast (Google) you will continue to be of less and less value to them. Essentially, the older your content gets, the less it will hold its keyword positioning and, ultimately, it will impact how your website is ranked.

Is that all that fresh content will do for me? Not even close. With fresh content, comes fresh ideas and topics, which then leads to fresh keywords that your site can rank for. The more search engine-friendly you are, the better you will rank. Keyword usage also attracts new traffic to your site. You can potentially reach an audience that you didn’t even know was out there.

We understand, your website already looks good and you are fresh out of content ideas at the moment. No problem, have you checked out your reviews? Writing a piece of content that is filled with reviews about your business not only updates your site but is also an opportunity to show interested clients that you are good at what you do.

If some of your content still receives pretty good traffic, that is great, but why not revive that piece of content and update it to fit the present. Rewriting content can revive the heavy traffic it used to receive. Once your well-written content doesn’t apply to modern-day they become obsolete.

Your marine business deserves to hook trophy fish. At Marine SEO, we work to not only hook those trophy fish but to reel them in and make your maritime business thrive. Don’t be left with the guppies because you think your digital efforts are “good enough.” Work with the best in digital marketing for the marine industry with Marine SEO in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Contact us today for more information!


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