Marketing services for the marine industry by professionals with passion. Marine SEO is a digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale specializing in marine marketing services. We provide SEO, PPC, and Social Media Management for companies in the marine space, and we have been doing so for over 10 years.

Marine SEO Walks the Walk

At Marine SEO, we believe in a result-driven approach to our internet marketing strategy. If you aren’t receiving more leads, generating more web traffic to your site, or making more money, then you haven’t got the best marketing services for the marine industry.

We specialize marketing for companies in the marine niche. Our clients range from multi-million-dollar mega yacht sales and charters, to local yacht management companies. We deal in fishing apparel on google hopping feed, on local SEO for local marinas, and everything in between.

We don’t just work at a marine marketing agency, we live a marine marketing lifestyle.All of our employees can be found out on the waters when we aren’t working to get you more customers. We live, breathe, and sell on the waters of South Florida.

What Makes Marine SEO Different

There are so many marketing agencies that are well-versed at yesterday’s marketing strategies. Marine SEO is always at the cutting edge of what’s new and what’s working. Not only can we provide a consistent and strong marketing strategy, but we also stay ahead of the competition, which allows our customers to be better too.

We attended digital marketing conferences and constantly read, research, and read again to ensure that we are up to date on the latest digital marketing trends for the marine industry. Then we test, we try again, and we let the right wings fill our sails to get to the most profitable destination. Don’t take our word for it, call us to discuss our marketing services for the marine industry: (954) 466-3044.

Our Marketing Services:

SEO is still the most trusted form of client conversion. Marine SEO services include full SEO packages for marinas, boatyards, and yacht management companies. Our team creates fresh, customer focused content that will increase your website’s organic search ranking. Your marine website will begin ranking in search engine results on Google and Bing. Our team of SEO specialists scrub every corner of your website to look for opportunities to rank better on search engines. We fix errors and improve on existing content while creating new, fresh content to generate organic leads.

PPC is a focused approach to customer conversions. Marine SEO online marking experts craft tailored advertisement that will feature on search engine results that target specific phrases and keywords. The ultimate goal is to take a potential customer with no knowledge of your website all the way to the final conversion and sale.

Marine SEO services packages for social media aim to put your company on the map. We build brand awareness aimed at creating an audience that will be receptive to your messages. See a real difference with our digital marketing services.  In order to make a splash in the marine world you must find your audience! Build brand awareness on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn! Marine SEO works with you to create an online voice and find followers who will respond to positively to your message.

The Marine SEO reputation management team monitors online reputations to ensure that your marine company’s reputation is excels. Reviews on Yelp and Google will propel company sales and boost conversions. All of our online marine marketing services culminate into a comprehensive brand management campaign. In the unfortunate event that your brand name receives a mark by a disgruntled employee or customer, Marine SEO can help scrub the deck to preserve your company.

Marine SEO has an in-house graphics team that creates banner ads for your business with a focus on remarketing to potential customers. Any client that visits your website will see ads for your marine services while browsing the web. This leads to higher conversions and satisfied customers. Custom graphics for your website and social media are also part of our marine SEO services.

Local citation and link acquisition is the behind the scenes organic SEO service that allows other websites and potential customers to find your company website. We build links back to your website on marine directories, aquatic organization sites and marine niche blogs, to strength your website’s online presence and organic ranking.

The secrets of neuromarketing are applies to online marine marketing to reach every customer on a positive level ensuring that the message is received loud and clear! Our team of online marine marketing experts is skilled in creating sales funnels for every spectrum of online audience and our focus and passion for the marine industry makes the difference.