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Marine Digital Marketing

Like any other business in any other industry, the marine industry needs to look to leverage the most modern and up-to-date marketing techniques. Your business wants to capture the attention of your target audience on the internet and earn conversions from them. As an experienced marine digital marketing agency, we understand what the most important strategies are so that we can expertly create campaigns for your business. Our wide selection of digital marketing services includes SEO, social media marketing, and PPC marketing. Continue reading below to learn more about our full suite of services.

new to the water?

We can help your new business stay afloat with a 'start-up' marketing package.

Intermediate Fisher

Ready to grow? Take your business to the next level with an robust SEO package and PPC management.

advanced skills

Already doing marketing? Let our team of experts audit your current efforts for opportunities.

Pro level surfer

Our team can help create a comprehensive marketing plan for your future.


Time at Sea

For the past 10+ years, our marine marketing agency has helped put nautical businesses on the map.

Our group of marine enthusiasts and Fort Lauderdale SEO specialists combine our expertise to do good for the ocean and develop digital marketing solutions for businesses in the marine industry.

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to make waves!


"Excellent! Extremely knowledgeable specialists. Very professional, competitive pricing on services. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for quality service!"

Satisfied Customer Toni Petrocelli

"Tracking $12.1M in revenue from PPC as (the) source, contact create date this year, close date this year (And that is only the ones that fill out a form, no idea on phone calls!) THANK YOU!"

Marketing Director, Galati Yacht Sales Mary Strauss

What Marine Marketing Services Do We Offer?

Our marketing experts are ready to be the deck hands you need to grow.

At Marine SEO, we offer a full selection of marine marketing services for our clients. We understand how to expertly leverage popular digital marketing services like SEO, PPC, and social media marketing so that you can better expose your business to loads of qualified customers on the internet. That’s why these are our most popular services. These are designed to give our clients a three-pronged approach to their overarching marketing strategy. By covering organic space on search engines, paid space on search engines, and visibility on social media platforms, a business’s potential customers will be sure to be influenced by its digital marketing campaigns.


Who Do We Create A Marine Marketing Strategy For?

A supportive partnership to grow your ROI.

We want to be more than just another marketing agency. Our vision at Marine SEO is to inspire ocean lovers to pursue their dreams by opening or growing their nautical business; such as


Our digital marketing agency is located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, in sunny South Florida. Get started on blowing your competition out the water by getting in touch with a member of our crew and get to know more about Marine SEO today. We’re just a stone’s throw away from the beach!

Our marine marketing experts are 'All Hands on Deck'.
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Make a splash with Marine SEO, a digital marketing agency for marine businesses. 

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