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Digital Marketing for Boat Builders

You build the boat, we will build your brand.

What is Marketing for Boat Builders?

How to market your boats and grow your brand exposure.

No one knows the value that your boat-building business provides for clients better than you do. Through search engines and social media platforms, Marine SEO can help you get the word out to a huge number of your potential customers on the internet. Without this kind of exposure, your boat-building business runs the risk of becoming obsolete on the most popular marketing platforms on the planet. Our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts know the best strategies for your business to leverage digital marketing so you can increase your revenue and brand awareness through the power of the internet. 

Boat Builder Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing entails using SEO and PPC to direct qualified online traffic into your website or landing page. It is no surprise that search engines have supplanted traditional directories like phone books and magazines as the primary places for people looking for boat builders to connect with them. Fortunately for boat builders, being visible on these platforms presents a great ROI if done correctly. 

SEO for Boat Builders

Search engine optimization is an “organic” strategy, which means that a boat builder can do it for free. However, search engine optimization requires some research, training, and patience before it can yield results. Search engine optimization usually entails slowly optimizing your website to cater to a search engine’s algorithm. Google’s and Bing’s algorithms try to connect businesses with the highest quality website that matches the specifications of their Google search. For example, someone looking for an aluminum boat builder will input things like “aluminum boat builder in Florida” to see where they could find an aluminum boat builder in the state that they live in. If your website provides value for consumers in the form of a blog or content page, a search engine will place it on the most visible sections of a search engine results page, or SERP, when they search for these keywords. This content leads to a higher likelihood that searchers visit your website when searching for these words and phrases and an increase in conversions stemming from your website. Your blog should touch on subjects that your potential customers find interesting, like the process you undergo when you design your boat and your materials before becoming part of your boat. 

PPC Marketing for Boat Builders

PPC marketing is a much faster way to get higher visibility on search engines. In PPC marketing, businesses pay for exposure on search engines for certain keywords that their target audience is using to make sure that their website is visible in the paid advertising spaces that Google and Bing have. This paid advertising space is located under the search bar but above the organic search results. A boat builder’s bids need to be higher than their competitors, so they outrank them and are seen first. When used together with SEO, PPC makes websites much more visible on search engines, so people interested in boat builders are much more aware of your business. 

Local SEO for Boat Builders

As a boat builder, you are most likely to have a physical location where you manufacture boats and conduct meetings with potential customers. If you want to fully maximize your presence on search engines, you need to use local SEO. Local SEO focuses on local customers searching for boat builders, which is especially useful for businesses in boating hotspots like Florida and California who want to establish a solid book of business. 


For brick-and-mortar locations, local SEO is an especially attractive feature because it requires leveraging Google My Business listings. Google My Business, or GMB, is a feature that Google unveiled that allows businesses to set up profiles that show directly on a search engine results page. On these profiles, boat builders could display their address and phone number and even appear on Google Maps. When these three digital marketing techniques are used together, a boat builder’s potential customers are sure to stream into a website and generate an increase in revenue. 

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