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Digital Marketing for Kayak Rentals

Book more rentals with an online marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing for Kayak Rentals

Rental more kayaks with a digital marketing to grow exposure

As part of the marine industry, businesses that offer kayak rentals need to utilize digital marketing to appear on search engines or social media platforms. Kayak rentals are highly demanded in areas with nice beaches or scenic bodies of water. These places usually have a high number of tourists that are interested in renting kayaks, and these tourists use the internet to find rental businesses. Digital marketing uses search engines and social media platforms to drive people interested in renting kayaks into your storefront. Our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts leverage online content creation and digital outreach programs to create effective digital marketing strategies.

Kayak Rental Search Engine Marketing

Digital marketing leverages local SEO and social media marketing to make a noticeable difference for your business. Local SEO ensures that people in your location who search for kayaks are met with your storefront on Google and Bing. When potential customers use a localized keyword like “Miami kayak rentals” or “kayaks for rent near me,” they should encounter your Google My Business listing. A Google My Business listing, or GMB, is a free profile that brick and mortar businesses like kayak rental spots set up. This helps their potential customers to accurately see their address, phone number, description, customer reviews, and ratings. Businesses can even showcase a curated selection of photos that show happy customers and their locations. 


Creating a Google My Business listing is an important first step in creating a local search presence, but it will not be entirely visible if a website is not optimized for search engines. Search engine optimization, or SEO, makes sure that your business’s website slowly becomes visible on a search engine results page in the organic search result. Savvy search engine optimization entails clearly structuring a website so that the equipment that you rent is clearly visible on the toolbar and easy to reach. When a search engine “crawls” through your website to determine its usefulness to searchers, this mind of architecture makes it easy for it to classify it as a relevant website. 


Another search engine optimization strategy that kayak rental businesses should use is keeping a blog related to kayaking in your area. This blog will pique the interest of someone interested in renting kayaks because they could experience what kayaking in Miami, Austin, or Chicago is like. Further, a search engine’s spiders have now developed to such a point that they could understand the usefulness of your blog to your potential customers. One of the ways that your kayaking business could influence this algorithm is by writing descriptions of your services with the right number of keywords like “Miami kayak” or “Chicago kayak rental.” 

Kayak Rental Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing lets your potential customers understand the experience that renting one of your kayaks leads them to. Like the blog posts you use during SEO strategies, social media marketing bolsters a digital marketing campaign by communicating what your business offers. However, this content is more valuable for your potential customers because photos and videos are more engaging than blog posts. 


There are many ways that your practice could use photos and videos to add value to marketing efforts, like showcasing your inventory, the landscapes that kayakers see on their adventures, interviews with people of note and staff, and more. The purpose of content such as this should be to increase your follower count and engagement with potential customers. 

Kayak Rental Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing services need to use more strategies than the ones detailed above. Our team of marine digital marketers at Marine SEO could help you leverage the perfect mix of digital marketing strategies to help your business stand out from the rest. Contact us today to learn more.

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