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Digital Marketing for Maritime Lawyers

Digital Marketing for Maritime Lawyers

What is Marketing for Maritime Lawyers?

Maritime lawyers that want to expand their practice should be keen to use digital marketing.

Digital marketing involves getting your practice seen on highly transited platforms like search engines and social media platforms. When your legal practice is visible on these platforms, it translates to higher web traffic and more clients using your services. Whether your practice focuses on general, American, or any other sectors of maritime law, it needs to leverage Marine SEO’s digital marketing strategies. These include search engine optimization, PPC marketing, and social media marketing. Below, our marine digital marketing experts detail how your practice could leverage digital marketing today. 

SEO for Maritime Lawyers

Search engine optimization entails improving a website so that a search engine makes it more visible when your future clients search for things like “American maritime lawyers” or “maritime law experts.” SEO is an organic digital marketing strategy, which means that it does not require paying a search engine for visibility. Instead, lawyers should strive to work to make their website a valuable resource for visitors. Search engines recognize high-quality websites and make them more visible to searchers to improve their experience on the search engine. To make your website high quality, you need to keep a blog that answers legal questions your target audience may have. 

For example, having a series of long posts that illustrate the inner workings of cases and the intricacies of specific laws is sure to draw the attention of your target audience while also working to boost your visibility on search engines. These also give your practice authority and credibility in the eyes of your potential customers, which increases the chances of your practice garnering attention from potential customers. 

PPC Marketing for Maritime Lawyers

PPC marketing is a search engine marketing strategy that places website listings on the extremely visible–and valuable–paid advertising space below the search bar. To rank in this space, your practice needs to decide which keywords it would like to rank for. These could be the same as the ones used in SEO or different depending on the context of your practice. After deciding which keywords you would like to rank for, maritime lawyers should place bids using a search engine’s advertising space. If they outbid their closest competitors for the same keywords, they will be ranked above them, which leads to more traffic and customers streaming into your website. Once on your website, they could read your blog to learn more or even directly contact you to get more information. 

Social Media Marketing for Maritime Lawyers

Social media marketing allows someone to add an attractive face to their business. In social media marketing, maritime lawyers leverage Instagram and Facebook to make sure that their marketing content is viewed by their target audience. This marketing content could relate to the content on the website or even detail past cases that your practice has helped clients with. This way, your digital presence is consolidated between your search engine and social media marketing efforts. That adds credibility to your business, thanks to the consistency it gives your efforts. 

Digital Marketing for Maritime Lawyers

Digital marketing for strategies should use other services to fully take advantage of digital marketing. These include: 

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