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Yacht Crews

Improve crew bookings with SEO and PPC.

Digital Marketing for Yacht Crews

Gain more exposure and sales with online marketing

Depending on the kind of yachting charter that is about to embark on an excursion, they will be looking for a different type of crew. Yacht crewing companies provide what many captains may be missing from their expeditions, which is a savvy crew that can safely deliver passengers to their destination. You know what your crew has to offer to yachts and excursions, but do yacht captains know? Through communicating your value through digital marketing, a yacht crewing company can increase the chances that captains will count on their services. Marine SEO’s digital marketing utilizes cutting-edge digital marketing strategies like SEO and social media marketing to accomplish this. 

Yacht Crew SEO Strategies

Someone who does not know where to contract a yacht crew will most likely take their curiosity to Google or Bing. They will be presented with millions of options when online searching and they will give little attention to the results on secondary pages. Instead, they will visit the ones who appear at the top of their search results. Having a top-ranked link on a search engine results page certainly translates to an increase in revenue and customers, but how can a yacht crew ensure that it is one of the few that are visited by potential customers? The answer lies in SEO


SEO, or search engine optimization, is a digital marketing strategy that organically improves the performance and visibility of your website.  One of the most valuable ways to improve the performance of your website is by performing keyword research and keeping a blog that displays your expertise in yacht crewing. Keyword research is a pillar of digital marketing and requires that crewing companies perform in-depth customer research to discover what they are inputting into search engines. Once they find out what their target audience is searching for, they need to brainstorm topics that are relevant to these keywords. For example, a charter business that focuses on crewing long-distance sailing adventures will focus on keywords like “long-distance sailing crew” or “Bahamas sailing crew.” Once your business discovers these keywords, they should create content that details what needs to be prepared when going on a long-distance sailing trip, what should be considered when deciding on contracting a Bahamas sailing crew, etc. 

Yacht Crew PPC Strategies

PPC strategies are an excellent add-on to your SEO strategies. PPC stands for pay-per-click and entails businesses bidding for similar keywords that they used in their SEO strategies. Further, most yacht crews will have different services that they offer. Some may provide short-term cruises around Biscayne Bay along with cruises to more remote destinations, while others may only offer longer-distance trips. These various services need to be part of a keyword bidding strategy to make sure that your agency has all its bases covered. When used in combination with SEO, PPC skyrockets your placement on search engines and drives more customers into your website, leading to an increase in revenue. 

Yacht Crew Social Media Marketing Strategies 

Most people want to trust their yacht with an experienced yacht crew. Social media allows yacht crews to showcase their experience through photos and videos. You could show the different vessels you have crewed, the places that you safely navigated to, and the shape that you left the boat in. You should be sure to include links to your website and other calls to action to capture the most business possible. Social media platforms should represent a funnel leading into your business that qualified potential customers use to get into your website. Marine SEO’s creative team can help you get the ball rolling by creating beautiful social media content and an engaging profile to help you make the most of social media platforms. 

Online Marketing for Yacht Crew Services

Your yacht crewing service needs to be visible on the internet to make the most revenue possible. Our team leverages a full suite of digital marketing services like content marketing, e-commerce SEO, and link building to place your business at the forefront of the online world. Contact us today to learn more.

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