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Digital Marketing for Yacht Clubs

Increase Sales with Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing for Yacht Clubs?

How to scale sales and revenue for your yacht club

Yacht clubs are highly sought after because of the socialization and insight that they provide to boaters. If you own a yacht club or are in charge of their marketing and outreach efforts, you need to understand that the days of traditional advertising and word-of-mouth are largely coming to an end thanks to the rise of digital marketing. Digital marketing entails creating a presence on search engines and social media platforms that drives interest in your yacht club and increases your revenue. Below, Marine SEO’s digital marketing experts detail the best applications and advantages that digital marketing can bring to your yacht club. 

Local SEO for Yacht Clubs 

Yachting clubs are often patronized by people who live or work close to them or by those that want to keep their boat in a select location. Yacht clubs should utilize local SEO because it leverages localized keywords so that your website is visible on local search results. For example, whenever someone searches for a yacht club in Fort Lauderdale, Google will use its geo-tracking ability to rank the yacht clubs that have the most relevant websites from highest ranked to lowest ranked. 

One of the best applications of local SEO is Google My Business listings. This feature allows brick and mortar businesses to create profiles that let them advertise their hours, activities, and customer ratings within the glance of an eye. GMB listings increase the possibilities that people interested in yacht clubs call your business or find it on Google Maps when they search food clubs like yours on Google. Having an intuitive profile that gives customers this information quickly is one of the principal advantages of local SEO and GMB listings. 

Social Media Marketing for Yacht Clubs 

Social media marketing is important to leverage because most customers want to see how you portray yourself on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This allows your yacht club to differentiate itself from other competitors and attract the customers that you want to target. It is important to curate content that caters to your niche to best leverage social media. In digital marketing, content is extremely important, and the photos and videos that you upload onto your social media pages are no different. 

These photos, videos, and written messages should contain messages and content that your target audience finds engaging. For example, a luxury yacht club will want to showcase the amenities and the clientele that it has, so more people in this niche consider going into your website and becoming a patron or member. To ensure this, companies need to make sure that they include links to their websites on their social media posts. It is important to curate content that caters to your audience to best leverage social media so that this traffic knows where to go if they are interested. 

Marine SEO’s Full Suite of Digital Marketing for Yacht Clubs Strategies 

Digital marketing should also include a heavy dose of search engine marketing like SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) to make a well-rounded marketing and outreach strategy. Aside from these, Marine SEO also offers website development and creative services, among many others. Contact us today to learn more.

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