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Digital Marketing for Ocean Photographers

You take the photo, we will build your brand.

Marketing for Ocean Photographers

How to use digital marketing to take advantage of the connectivity of the internet.

Ocean photographers that want to get their work out there should be keen to use digital marketing to take advantage of the connectivity of the internet. The internet allows them to more easily connect with their target audience, whether it is through their website or social media platforms. A website is an essential facet of their digital marketing strategy because it gives their potential customers a window into their business and even allows them to complete purchases directly from the website. Marine SEO’s combination of digital marketing strategies works to lead more qualified customers into your website and make it easier for them to make a purchase. 

SEO for Ocean Photographers 

Search engine optimization is a digital marketing strategy that improves the placement of a website on the organic (free) section of a search engine results page. This section of a website is highly demanded by ocean photographers because the visibility it gives them is much more likely to result in a website visit and a subsequent conversion. To illustrate, when someone searches for a keyword that indicates high purchase intent like “ocean photographers for hire,” your website should look to rank for this keyword because the customer with high purchase intent will find themselves encountering your website much more on Google or Bing and be more likely to visit it and complete a purchase. 

To rank for similar keywords you should use them extensively throughout the website. That way, a search engine recognizes that your website has something to do with the popular search query. Those keywords can be placed throughout the content on your blog or in the alt and meta tags used throughout your website. That lets a search engine’s algorithm know that your website is related to the following search query and will make it more visible to searchers. 

Marine SEO’s search engine optimization team can assist in making your website more visible through a consolidated SEO and website optimization strategy. 

Social Media Marketing for Ocean Photographers 

Ocean photographers should utilize Social media marketing to showcase their work and add a personable face to their business. With social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, photographers can upload photos and videos of their expeditions or previous work in hopes of leading qualified customers to their website. Once on their website, these potential customers could view your work and purchase a copy or ask for a commissioned piece. 

The purpose of any digital marketing campaign should be to lead more potential customers into websites and increase revenue through online channels. Social media platforms are great avenues for generating revenue because they allow businesses to advertise their own curated material to people interested in ocean photography. If your content is high quality and engaging enough for your target audience, it will lead many people to your website with a higher purchase intent than before. 

Digital Marketing for Ocean Photographers 

Marine SEO’s full suite of digital marketing strategies is designed to help ocean photographers accomplish their goals through the internet. With a greater reach than traditional marketing and more engaging marketing material, your ocean photography business will enjoy a spike in revenue and brand awareness. Contact us today to learn more. 

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