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Digital Marketing for Rod Holders

Grow your digital presence with Marine SEO.

Digital Marketing for Rod Holders

How to use online marketing to grow your rod holder business

Fishing is a prominent part of the boating industry, and depending on the kind of fishing that boaters partake in, they may need a rod holder. These holders could be placed on various parts of someone’s clothing and present different utilities depending on the clothing section on which it is sewn. Whether your business sells rod holders that attach to pants or shirt pockets, you need to use digital marketing to reach customers best and detail the advantages that your holders present to fishermen. Marine SEO’s digital marketing team can ensure that your business is marketing itself on the internet while also differentiating your products from your competitors. 

SEO for Rod Holders

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a digital marketing strategy that allows for higher placement on search engines through creativity. Creativity is an important part of SEO because it entails creating content that attracts customers to your website while also playing into a search engine’s algorithm. A blog post striking a balance between creative and effective is the foundation of search engine optimization. 


The types of blogs that need to be uploaded to your website include the benefits of using a rod holder, how to choose one, how to install it onto clothing, etc. When content like this is loaded with keywords popularly used on search engines by people looking for rod holders, a search engine will place it on a more visible section of a search engine result page. Marine SEO specialists make sure that your website enjoys higher visibility while being a useful resource for potential customers. 


Once more people find your website on search engines, they will be more likely to purchase products and generate revenue for your business.

PPC Marketing for Rod Holders

PPC marketing is a digital marketing strategy that bolsters a business’s presence on search engines along with SEO. PPC, or pay-per-click, marketing requires that rod holder manufacturers put money behind their campaigns so that they are more likely to populate the most visible portions of a search engine results page. 


In PPC marketing, businesses go on a search engine’s paid advertising platform to place bids on keywords that their potential customers are using. Since your business is mostly focused on physical inventory, it is best practice to divide your keyword budget allocation strategy by the different rod holders your business carries. For example, bidding on keywords like “Velcro rod holder” or “stitch on rod holders” will make sure that your business is receiving traffic from both sets of customers. SEO and PPC constitute the bulk of search engine marketing and need to be used extensively by manufacturers. 

E-Commerce for Rod Holders

Along with modern marketing strategies, manufacturers need to make sure that their products are uploaded on e-commerce platforms. E-commerce makes it easy for customers to add products to their carts, check them out, and generate revenue for your business, all from the comfort of their homes or conveniently from their mobile devices. 


Marine SEO’s digital marketing strategies make sure that people interested in purchasing rod holders stream into your website or e-commerce platform, so you notice an uptick in revenue. 

Online Marketing Strategies for Rod Holders

Digital marketing includes much more than the digital marketing services detailed above. Along with SEO, PPC, and e-commerce, our digital marketing team offers: 

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