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Digital Marketing for Marine Engineers

Grow your engineering company with online marketing.

Marketing for Marine Engineers

Learn the benefits of an online strategy for your engineering company

It is no secret that upkeeping a boat is a huge task. Marine engineers are a key part of the marine industry. They are used by boat manufacturers and private citizens alike, designing, building, and maintaining boats ranging from aircraft carriers to large sailing yachts to wakeboard boats. These engineers experience a lot of demand from potential clients on the internet due to the many services that they offer. Clients may want to fix any structural damage or even design a new boat from scratch. No matter the service that a marine engineer offers, engineers need to use digital marketing to capture the attention of modern customers. Whether this is search engine optimization, social media marketing, or a combination of both, Marine SEO is here to design a digital marketing strategy that effectively showcases what your business has to offer. 

Marine Engineering Digital Marketing

Digital marketing needs to begin at your business’s website, where your business can showcase its services to the outside world. As such an important part of your branding efforts, your website should be creatively designed to make it easy for your potential customers to navigate and find relevant information like contact information and landing pages. No matter how beautiful and useful your website is, it needs to be visible on search engines to ensure that qualified traffic streams to it. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of slowly improving the placement of websites to make it more likely for potential customers to visit your website when they search for marine engineers on Google or Bing. 


One of the most relevant ways that firms use search engine optimization is by maintaining a blog. Maintaining a blog that touches on topics that people in the market for marine engineers find relevant makes it easier for your practice to rank for high-demand keywords that your potential customers are using. For example, keywords like “coastal engineering” or “marine engineers” are usually inputted by people interested in either hiring one or being employed by one. If your blog includes these keywords while touching on topics relevant to the industry, a search engine will naturally make it one of the most visible websites on a search engine results page.  


Many marine engineers will have a physical location to conduct meetings and other normal business operations. If this is the case for your practice, you need to use Google My Business, a popular local SEO application. Google My Business allows a brick and mortar establishment to set up a profile that includes photos of their marine engineering practice, its address, phone number, and a short synopsis of the services it offers. Making a GMB profile is free, but it will not outrank competitors if the corresponding website is not high quality, further highlighting the importance of SEO and content creation.

Marine Engineering Digital Marketing

When used correctly, SEO and local SEO increase revenue thanks to funneling more qualified people to websites. Our Marine SEO marketing team also leverages many other digital marketing techniques to make your business more successful via the internet. These include social media marketing, email marketing, and mobile marketing, among many others. Contact us today to learn more.  

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