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Digital Marketing for Surf Shop

Grow your surf shop with a stronger digital presence.

Online Marketing for Surf Shops

Grow your online and walk-in traffic with digital marketing

As a digital marketing agency dedicated to helping businesses in the water sports and marine industry, Marine SEO can assist surf shops in increasing their revenue and foot traffic through digital marketing. Digital marketing includes many marketing tactics that place a website on search engines and social media platforms to increase the number of people aware of your store’s products and encourage an uptick in sales. Specifically, these strategies include search engine optimization, PPC marketing, and social media marketing. When used in a consolidated digital marketing strategy, a surf shop’s inventory and branding will be more visible and engaging to its target audience.

How Can SEO Improve a Surf Shop’s Revenue?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, works to place a website on the most visible portions of a search engine results page. A search engine results page is what a potential customer is presented with when they search for “surf shops,” “surfboards for sale,” or anything else related to surfing. Having a surf shop that is visible on these high traffic searches is sure to lead to a drastic increase in web traffic, which in turn leads to an increase in revenue thanks to more potential customers seeing your inventory. The way that SEO improves the visibility of your website is by slowly optimizing your website to cater to a search engine’s crawling and indexing processes.  The way that Marine SEO’s marine digital marketing experts optimize your website is by making it easy to navigate and creating content that is engaging to your potential customers. Examples of content that you could use to improve their standing in the eyes of their potential customers include tips on surfing on Florida’s beaches, how to care for a surfboard properly, and the best kinds of swimwear for different water activities. Content like this is sure to generate plenty of traffic from people interested in surfing and surfboards, and once they are on your website, they will be more likely to purchase the products that you have for sale. 

Surf Shop Local SEO

Local SEO is important for surf shops in popular surfing destinations like Hawaii and Florida since there are many tourists that do not know which shops to purchase from. Effectively using local SEO entails using a localized keyword strategy and a Google My Business listing. Google My Business listings are a free feature that Google unveiled that allows brick and mortar shops to create a profile on Google that displays their hours, address, and a pre-selected photo carousel of the business from the inside. Local SEO also looks to make businesses take advantage of Google Maps, which allows potential customers to step through your doors using their mobile devices. 

Surf Shop PPC Marketing and E-commerce

Surf shops also need to be aware of the paid digital marketing strategies that are available. The most popular paid digital marketing strategy available is PPC marketing. In PPC marketing, businesses bid for keywords that their target audience is using to appear on a search engine’s paid advertising space. PPC stands for pay-per-click and, as the name suggests, requires that businesses pay the amount that they bid for every potential customer that clicks on their advertisements. These advertisements could link directly to an e-commerce page that displays the inventory that they have available. To link to an e-commerce page, these keywords should focus on specific products like board shorts, surfboards, wax, and other surfing accessories. Online storefronts are becoming a necessity in the modern business marketplace, and they should be integrated into the rest of a digital marketing strategy. 

Surf Shop Digital Marketing Strategies

Marine SEO is a digital marketing agency that understands the ins and outs of the marine and water sports industries. Our team conducts in-depth customer research to develop profiles for them and create digital marketing strategies to help them increase their revenue by reaching their target audience. Our full suite of digital marketing services includes social media marketing, SEO audits, marketing consulting, among many others. Contact us today to learn more. 

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